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The Witch's Castle is a dungeon in Secret of Mana. It is home to Elinee and is located in the Haunted Forest.

Story[edit | edit source]

Randi arrives at the Kingdom of Pandora to find most of its citizens stripped of their souls. The select few still aware believe they have been cursed by Elinee. The king then sends a battalion of soldiers led by Major Dyluck to deal with her. Primm, storming out of her family quarters in Pandora Castle, bumps into Randi and either runs off after Dyluck or joins Randi on the condition that he will assist her, in spite of his lower stature.

If she does join Randi, Primm lashes out at the king for his part in Dyluck's disappearance, as it is an attempt by her father to keep the two apart. Primm then nudges Randi to go see the witch and save Dyluck. If Primm runs off, she will be waylaid by a pair of Werewolves and must be saved by Randi once he ventures deeper into the Haunted Forest. Either way, the pair is blocked by a set of skeleton statues and cannot go further.

Racing instead to Gaia's Navel, Randi and Primm search for a blacksmith in the Dwarf Village to make them an axe. They find Watts, shocked that the Mana Sword has degraded and who will make an axe when his zeal is restored. While Randi waits for his sword, he and Primm encounter the sprite child Popoi in a sideshow scam. Just then, an earthquake rocks the area; Tropicallo has just been let loose.

With Tropicallo defeated, Watts has forged an axe and the Dwarf Elder releases Popoi to the party that they may regain their memories as they resume their quest. As Elinee has sealed the path to the Underground Palace, the party is at last advised to return to the castle and seek her aid.

The trio cuts through the Haunted Forest to find the castle and confront Elinee. Corrupted by Thanatos' influence, she has been sending the Pandorans' souls to him; and when the party intervenes, she sends a Spikey Tiger to attack them.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

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