The Wind Callers (風読み士 Kaze yomishi, lit. Wind Reading Warriors) form a clan of anthropomorphic birds in Legend of Mana. Collectively serving Akravator as his dragoons, the Wind Callers pledge their lives towards the cause of defending him from harm. To this end, they have thus taken up residence in a village located at the base of Norn Peaks, keeping vigil over any intruders who might disturb their way of life. While the Wind Callers are known to be benign toward those who revere their traditions, the Wind Callers will not hesitate to reject all dissenters.


The Guardian of WindsEdit

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Aggressively loyal to the liege whom they have sworn a pact of fealty to, the Wind Callers will unhesitatingly sacrifice their lives for the sake of protecting him from coming under the threat of harm. This fact is made plainly evident in The Guardian of Wind, where the Wind Callers seek to protect Akravator through two distinct methods; one, through a seal that can only be broken by the decease of their leaders and two, deploying a squad of minions to swarm the Hero/Heroine and Larc in a desperate bid to halt their advance.


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Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Wind Caller A PortraitLoM Wind Caller B Portrait
Wind Callers
LoM Wind Caller A SpriteLoM Wind Caller B Sprite The clan that serves Akravator as his dragoons. They are open-hearted to those who respect their traditions, but reject all others.

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  • Unused sprites of Wind Callers daubed in alternate colour palettes exist within the game data.
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