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The Mana Series

AoM Logo.png Secret of Mana Logo.png Seiken Densetsu 3 Logo.png Legend of Mana Logo.png Sword of Mana (game) Children of Mana Logo.png
Adventures of Mana Secret of Mana Seiken Densetsu 3 Legend of Mana Sword of Mana Children of Mana
Dawn of Mana Logo.png Heroes of Mana Logo.png Circle of Mana Logo.png Rise of Mana Logo.png
Dawn of Mana Heroes of Mana Circle of Mana Rise of Mana

Recurring Elements


11 Minutes of Gameplay from the Secret of Mana Remake

11 Minutes of Gameplay from the Secret of Mana Remake


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Popoi's Notebook

20 December 2018
Adventures of Mana stomps bugs, expands to HD phones
20 August 2018
Secret of Mana in collab with Spelunker World! (via @ManaGame on Twitter)
27 June 2018
Secret of Mana HD patch update thrashes more bugs on PS4, PC (via SquarePalace (French))
5 March 2018
Secret of Mana HD patch update 1.02 released for PS4, squashes show-stopping bugs
15 February 2018
Secret of Mana released to Steam, PlayStation 4 and Vita!

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