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The Wiki of Mana is a community of fans and players dedicated exclusively to the Mana franchise of action RPGs from Square Enix and its associated media. Known as Seiken Densetsu (Legend of the Holy Blade) in its native Japan, Mana was created in 1991 as a corollary story to the original Final Fantasy and was conceived by producer Koichi Ishii. In the worlds of Mana, an omnipresent and omnipotent Tree of Mana is the source of all life and magical energy; and yet there are forces in each world seeking to exploit this magnificent power by weakening the Tree itself. Thus are heroes chosen to defend it. Only one can wield the Sword of Mana and become the true protector of the Tree.

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The Mana Series

Main series

Final Fantasy Adventure

Adventures of Mana
Sword of Mana (game)
Sword of Mana

Secret of Mana

Trials of Mana

Dawn of Mana

Side stories
Legend of Mana Friends of Mana Heroes of Mana Circle of Mana
Rise of Mana Children of Mana Echoes of Mana

Other Media
Princess of Mana

Recurring Elements


Tweets of Mana

Popoi's Notebook

18 May 2022
Adventures of Mana zaps longstanding issues with 1.0.9 update.
26-27 April 2022
Echoes of Mana is live!
7 December 2021
Legend of Mana released for mobile!
26 November 2021
Mobile RPG Last Cloudia teams up with Trials of Mana!
4 November 2021
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius x Trials of Mana goes live in Global!

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