Here is the list of the Whips that are acquired in Secret of Mana:

Name Attack Special Location
Whip 2 Elinee's Castle
Black Whip 6 Tangles enemies Scorpion Army ship
Backhand Whip 12 +1 Agility Jema after defeating Jaberwocky
Chain Whip 17 Good against slimes/lizards Defeat Mech Rider 1
Flail of Hope 24 Good against evil/undead Defeat Doom's Wall
Morning Star 30 Good against insects Imperial Castle
Hammer Flail 38 Tangles enemies Defeat Hydra
Nimbus Chain 47 Good against insects Defeat Hexas
Gigas Flail 53 The Ultimate Whip Rare drop from Terminators


Some players view the Whip as the best long range weapon, due to its reach circumventing the typical travel time of other ranged weapons. However, the mediocre attack power may put a damper on things. It is also a utility item as it can help get you across chasms (if there is a whip pole). Getting the ultimate Whip can be slightly difficult since Terminators do not appear until Dread Slime is defeated.

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