Where is Dad? is probably the longest sidequests in Sword of Mana.

Go to the Topple General Store and speak with the young chap named Luke. He will ask you to go on a long, arduous wild goose chase to find his father. He will tell you that his dad works in Wendel, and they usually write letters to each other, but lately he has not been receiving any. Concerned about his health, he and his family want you to give his dad, Marco, some Barbecued Newt. Tell him yes and the Quest will begin.

Your first task will be to go to Wendel. Go to the Wendel Residence (the house on the upper-left of the southern part of town) and speak with Thatcher, who will notice that you have some Barbecued Newt. She will mention someone who loved it who used to sell stuff for the Blacksmith. Go to the Blacksmith in the north section of town and speak with Navali the dwarf. He will tell you that the man said he had found a job in Menos.

Your next destination is the Town of Menos. Go to the Menos Residence that is to the right of the Statue in the center of town. Speak with Kralove inside, who will tell you that Marco most likely is now in Jadd due to high unemployment rates in Menos.

In Jadd, go to Blacksmith and speak with Radley. Again, he will be reminded of the man from Topple and will tell you that the man told him he got a job at Devius Manor.

Go to Devius Manor and head to the second floor. Speak with Priscilla and she will also recognize the Barbecue Newt. She will tell you that the man went looking for a job that made more than slave wages at Ishe.

Make your way to Ishe and look for Yakov, who is standing outside of Selah's House. He will tell you the lowlife is laying low in Lorimar.

Go to Lorimar Castle and head for the room with the Inn (one of the upper-right rooms). You will find a soldier named Marco. Talk to him and he will eat the Barbecued Newt. He will explain that he has become a mercenary for money, but promises he will be home soon. He gives you a Barbecued Tail to give to his son.

NOTE: Although Marco is ALWAYS at Lorimar Castle, YOU MUST speak with all of the people on the wild goose chase or else he will not recognize that you have the Barbecued Newt.

Take the Tail back to Luke in the Topple General Store. He will have hope in seeing his father again, and will give you a Dudbears' Gold as thanks! QUEST CLEAR!

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