The "Werewolf Kevin Bug" is a glitch that grants extra power to Kevin in Seiken Densetsu 3.

Calculations behind Werewolf Kevin Edit

Whenever Kevin happens to transform into a werewolf of any class during the nighttime, he is given a 1/7th boost of his normal strength (in other words, roughly 1.14 x Base ATK PWR). However, Kevin's base STR and other stats happen to remain the same. Normally, what is seen above is supposed to happen.

Further Calculation Edit

If Kevin happens to suffer a hit in werewolf form, irrelevant of class, he will gain yet a further boost in his power. For example, if Kevin were to fight as a Golden Wolf before being hit as a God Hand with 18 (Maximum STR) and the Aura Glove, he would cause around 330 HP of damage, but after being struck, he will cause up to 440 in damage. Effectively, in Kevin's Dervish class in his Wolf Devil form, this would make equal to Duelist Duran.

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