Holy City Wendel is an important location in Trials of Mana. Located southwest of the Rabite Forest via Cascade Cavern, the city serves as the center of the religion around the Mana Goddess, and is led by the Priest of Light who oversees it from the Temple of Light. Pilgrims come to seek blessings and sage wisdom from the Priest himself.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Opening - Charlotte[edit | edit source]

As the power of mana begins to fade, Charlotte wakes up one morning from a dream involving her parents. As she leaves the bedchamber on the second floor, the cleric Heath nearly runs her down on his way to meet the Priest. Heath informs the Priest of his granddaughter's apparent distress, as well as of an impending beastman siege from Jadd to the north. He advises his mentor to erect a barrier around Cascade Cavern so as to repel this threat. Meanwhile, the Priest noticed other disturbing signs that mana may be in peril, and so sends Heath to Astoria to investigate a strange floating light. Charlotte overhears the conversation and, having a premonition of her own, decides to follow Heath.

Charlotte makes a rush for the front door of the Temple, but guards fearing for the young halfling's safety stop her in her tracks. Desperate to find another way out, Charlotte runs into an acolyte named Mik, who despite his misgivings tells her that he has a plan; but to find out more, she will have to meet him on the second-floor balcony at night. As advised, Charlotte takes a nap and meets Mik, who brings out a Springstepper to sneak her out of the temple. The creature goes haywire, launching her into the Rabite Forest to land on a passing adventurer. After a night's rest in Astoria, Charlotte again sets out after Heath. Her fears for her surrogate brother prove to be well-founded when she observes Heath being accosted by beastmen in the Rabite Forest. Goremand bursts onto the scene and attacks Charlotte, but Heath intervenes and takes the full force of the spell, after which he is abducted. Now alone and frightened, Charlotte hears a noise and heads back to Astoria as she begins her journey to save Heath.

Chapter I[edit | edit source]

Charlotte decides to follow the other heroes through Cascade Cavern in hopes of getting back to Wendel to tell the Priest of Light what she saw, but loses her way and falls off the bridge leading to Wendel. The two heroes rescue her; what follows depends on the party chosen. If Charlotte is the third hero, she will offer to guide the others to Wendel and departs when they reach the Temple of Light.

The other heroes meet with the Priest and explain their reasons for seeking his counsel. Faerie intervenes and informs His Eminence of the mana crisis now unfolding, to which he responds by telling the party about the Mana Sword and the Benevodons sealed away. Charlotte breaks in with news of Heath; and though the Priest laments what his granddaughter must do, he sends all the heroes to find the eight Mana Spirits, that the Goddess might grant the heroes' wishes upon obtaining the Sword.

The beastmen are eventually repelled by a stronger barrier that the Priest has cast, but the spell causes him to fall gravely ill.

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Shops[edit | edit source]

Inn[edit | edit source]

2020 Remake[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

2020 Remake[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Equippable by ATk MGC ATK
Iron Sword 100 Duran 8 5
Staff 110 Angela 6 8
Iron Knuckle 110 Kevin 8 6
Wood Flail 110 Charlotte 6 7
Dagger 100 Hawkeye 7 6
Long Spear 100 Riesz 7 6

Armor[edit | edit source]

2020 Remake[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Equippable by DEF MGC DEF
Stiff Leathers 110 Duran 6 4
Silk Robe 100 Angela 4 5
Leather Vest 100 Kevin 4 5
Sheep Pajamas 110 Charlotte 4 6
Fatigues 100 Hawkeye 5 4
Cuir Bouilli 110 Riesz 5 5

Items[edit | edit source]

2020 Remake[edit | edit source]

Treasures & Items[edit | edit source]

2020 Remake[edit | edit source]

Treasure Location Availability Notes
Candy (2) Wendel - On the road leading to Wendel after exiting Cascade Cavern ; on a tiny peninsula near the river. Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) Wendel - On the road leading to Wendel after exiting Cascade Cavern ; use springstepper in order to reach it. Chapter I -
80 lucre Wendel - Under a tree behind the armor shop. Chapter I -
Stardust Herb (1) Wendel - In the basement of a big house on the southwest corner of the town. Chapter I -
Chocolate (1) Wendel - Amidst some boxes next to the inn. Chapter I -
Chocolate (1) Wendel - Behind a house northeast in the map. Chapter I -
Chocolate (1) Temple of Light I - In a small courtyard on the east side of the temple. Charlotte's Introduction or Chapter I -
Stardust Herb (1) Temple of Light I - In the dormitories on the second floor next to a set of paintings and mirrors. Charlotte's Introduction or Chapter I -
Chocolate (1) Temple of Light I - On the blacony on the second floor, to the east edge. Charlotte's Introduction or Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) Temple of Light I - On the westmost section of the front court, right before entering the building. Chapter I -

Li'l Cactus[edit | edit source]

In the northeast corner of the city, against a rock wall near a house. Available from Chapter IV onwards after obtaining Flammie Drum.

Character Observations[edit | edit source]

"What were the beastmen comin' here for anyway? Somethin' doesn't seem right..."
"I mean, I guess this place is nice. It's calm and the people are pleasant...but it's a little too quiet for me."
"So many people! Are...they all here to see the Priest of Light?"
"Gwandpa's pwobabwy mad at me..."
"The people here look a little worried. I guess they heard that beastmen are on their way."
"Merciful Goddess of Mana, please grant this town your protection."

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