"Finding rather that battle is about slight of mental consciousness, perception, and acuity, the Warrior Monk goes along the ways of training their mind over heart. Through intensive meditation and study, the Warrior Monk follows instead the passage of knowledge and creed to guide their fists, and it is from this intense mental training that they derive a unique strength that cannot compare. However, while their passions and thirst for knowledge and edification may burn spirited, their grasping of logic and knowledge of the workings of the fight may turn their fists as cold and brutal as the truths they follow. As they follow their own path of righteousness, so has this class also learned to fight along with those that share their convictions into the heat of battle like an army onto themselves."

Warrior Monk (ウォーリアモンク, U~ōria Monku?) is a class used by Kevin in Trials of Mana. It is his Light-Dark class.

Trials of Mana Edit

  • Fan translated Name: Warrior Monk
  • Name: Warrior Monk

The Warrior Monk class is the Light-Dark branch of the Grappler class for Kevin. The Warrior Monk focuses on indirect support and strategic advantage through the use of Leaf Saber and a multi target Healing Light to upkeep the welfare of the party. In turn for this advantageous setup however, the Warrior Monk does not do so well against making quick work against large numbers nor with classes that demand teamwork to realize their damage output, making the class work well with other large scale offensive classes that ensures power to reinforce this drawback.

Sword of Mana Edit

Requirements: Monk Type 20 + Sage Type 15

  • Warrior Monk
  • Knucks attack +20
  • HealingLight +40

Heroes of Mana Edit

Neck #17 Silver Wolf (銀狼のくびわ)
HP +80, bonus effects
Cancels paralysis and petrification.
A necklace once worn by a warrior monk.

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