Wanderer (Nikita in the Japanese version) is one of the four protagonists of Children of Mana. He is the oldest of the four and, unlike the other three, is a Niccolo.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Like all niccolo, Wanderer is a large, apparently heavyset creature with feline facial features and large rabbit-like ears. His fur is mostly light brown, though it is cream-coloured around his chest, stomach and face, and his tail, tightly curled into a large spiral, also features paler brown fur in a stripe pattern. He wears a forest-green sleeveless shirt with a thin mustard-yellow belt around his waist. These colours are reflected in his hat; crafted from loosely-stitched scraps of fabric, it has a wide brim and torn holes through which to poke his large ears. The headgear ends in a tall point, to which a ring with a small silver bell is attached via a loop of rope. Wanderer wears brown leather gloves with silver metal wristlets, and slippers on his feet, the left of which is open-toed in his official artwork. Likely the most distinctive accessory on Wanderer's person is his chequered purple scarf, to which is attached a large silver medallion-esque brooch. Finally, fitting his nomadic lifestyle, Wanderer carries a rucksack.

Wanderer is mature and hard-working, expressing gratitude to Millionaire for enabling him to earn his keep. He is also proficient at playing the harmonica, and has been teaching Ferrik to play the instrument.

Story[edit | edit source]

If Wanderer is chosen as the player character, the game begins with him returning to Millionaire after taking some items to the port to be put into storage. Mildly exhausted at the work he has done, the merchant reminds him that "if [he doesn't] work, [he] shan't eat", and that he should be grateful for his employment. Wanderer agrees, saying that the two niccolo have always looked out for one-another ever since the Cataclysm a decade prior. When Millionaire remarks that Wanderer could give up his nomadic lifestyle and settle down in the village, the younger niccolo replies that he'll consider it, having a fondness for the place. He then turns down Millionaire's offer of dinner in order to see Tess and give her a seashell he found at the port.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Wanderer is the most physically powerful of the playable characters, but this is balanced by his less-than-impressive skills with magic. Thus, in a statistical sense, he is the opposite of Poppen. His weapon of choice is the hammer (though, like the other three, he begins the game with a sword; the hammer being the last of the four weapons to be acquired).

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