Vinquette Hall

Vinquette Hall

Vinquette Hall (also known as Kett's) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Adventure and its remakes, Sword of Mana and Adventures of Mana

It is found east of Topple beyond Batmo Cave. It is a villa of vampires from Mavolia and is open only at night. Count Lee is the master of the hall; he has two butlers in his employ. Isabella visits him often and occasionally takes residence there.

Sword of ManaEdit

Elena's StoryEdit

Duke and Elena visit Vinquette Hall after learning that Count Lee closed the path to Wendel. Before entering, Elena sees a ghost. She wishes to leave, but Duke, who has not slept in a real bed in years, immediately falls asleep.

As Elena explores the castle, she discovers that Lee has kept numerous Mana Women asleep in coffins in his basement. Lee's butlers believe he keeps them there because he wants to take a bride (a probable reference to the folktale Bluebeard).

When Elena and Duke finally confront Count Lee, he explains that in reality, he has kept Mana Women beneath the castle as a favor to his best friend Lord Granz. He keeps them there to protect them from Heretic Hunters. He attempts to do the same to Elena and Isabella when Granz convinces Lee to let them go and to let Duke and Elena explore the world on their own. Count Lee accedes and opens the path to Wendel.

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