Veritubach is a technique used by Kevin in Seiken Densetsu 3. He learns this tech only when he class changes into a Dervish. This tech allows Kevin to position his foes into an inescapable hold before utilizing his own weight to drive them into the ground. It is activated when Kevin is close to an opponent with a fully filled Level 3 Tech Gauge to red.


"A technique attained by the Dervish with the endless and tireless weathering and conditioning of their body, this throw has one position themselves and their foe into a hold that utilizes one's own weight as leverage to mercilessly pound them into the ground."

Rushing to the opponent, Kevin turns around side to side with the target, and places them in a suplex hold, locking them securely with both arms. Upon the performance of the throw, Kevin howls and jumps up into the air, before positioning the target to land back first when the jump lands. Their impact produces a blue explosion, and the target bounces back, being dealt massive damage.


  • The term Veritubach is likely a mistranslation of the throw name "Vertical Backdrop". In professional wrestling, backdrops are the Japanese name for the throw of the suplex, which are throws characterized by the user lifting up the target over themselves in a variety of manners, before the throw ends with the target landing on their back. Though visually impressive and a feat of strength when witnessed, suplexes have also gained notoriety and controversy even in the sport of professional wrestling, as their dynamics make it potentially cutthroat on the target, risking serious injury, permanent debilitation, and death, as such throws often target the spine and head.
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