The Vandole Empire, often referred to as The Empire, are the main antagonists in Secret of Mana. The Empire occupies much of the forested island continent in the central-eastern part of the world.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Vandole Empire is named for its emperor, Vandole, and is the ruling military power of the world at large. At some point in its history, the Empire discovered the power of Mana and sought to use it to control the world. In its lust for Mana, it seeks to raise the Mana Fortress from its resting place. In order to accomplish these ends, Imperial agents set forth on a mission to unseal the world's eight Mana Seeds.

In the face of its outward agenda for world conquest and unyielding military forces, the Vandole Empire used to be a more benevolent and peaceful nation before its current day incarnation. The people of Vandole currently experience excessive taxation, oppressive authoritarian policing, and the cessation of civil functions and festivities once prominent prior to its more tyrannical rule, with public tensions over national security, including the mysterious disappearances of its peoples in relation with a newfound enigmatic cult, and even worry over the jingoistic warring direction Emperor Vandole is taking the nation towards. Many of its royal family and aristocracy who protested the violent and militant direction the Empire was taking eventually relocated to Turtle Shell Isle to evade execution for opposing the new regime.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Gold City - A luxurious city on a small island to the west of the continent's main island. Ruled by King Mammon, who has the power to create gold.
  • Gold Tower - A five-story tower in Gold City that houses a Mana Spirit.
  • Imperial Palace - A great castle in Northtown, home to Emperor Vandole.
  • Northtown - A large town in the northeastern part of the continent's main island. The Empire's capital.
  • Northtown Ruins - A ruined temple on the outskirts of Northtown.
  • Sewers - An apparently nationwide underground waste disposal system that connects Northtown to Southtown. The Northtown sewer entrance is located in a Resistance base.
  • Southtown - A small town in the central part of the continent's main island.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Video crystals at Mandala Temple reference another Vandole Empire just before the Great War that leveled the world.
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