Emperor Vandole (Remake)

Artwork of Emperor Vandole from the Secret of Mana remake

Emperor Vandole (ヴァンドール皇帝 Vandōru Kōtei) is the ruler of the namesake Vandole Empire in Secret of Mana and the backstory of Sword of Mana and Adventures of Mana. He serves as the primary antagonist of Secret of Mana until he is murdered by Fanha and Thanatos, the latter of whom supplants him as the primary antagonist.

Adventures of Mana Edit

Vandole is stated to be the father of Julius in the backstory of Adventures of Mana and is stated to have been killed when the Vandole Empire fell.

Sword of Mana Edit

In the backstory of Sword of Mana, Vandole used power from the Mana Tree to create an unbeatable empire, but he was defeated and slain by three Gemma Knights using the Sword of Mana. Much like in the world of Adventures of Mana, Julius is rumored to be his descendant. After Dark Lord's death, however, it is revealed that the Julius of this world is Vandole himself. Julius's Shadow's reaction to Cibba's statement on Vandole's previous defeat further suggests that Julius's Shadow is the Vandole slain by the Gemma Knights years ago.

Vandole desires Mana power, yet isn't completely sure what to do with it and ultimately decides to make the current candidate for the Mana Goddess into his bride. When Vandole is slain, he proclaims that as long as Mana exists he will return.

Secret of Mana Edit

A different Vandole appears in Secret of Mana, seeking to unseal the 8 Mana Seeds to obtain the Mana Fortress. After he succeeds in raising the Lost Continent, he shows such a callous disregard for his right hand Sheex's death that he gets betrayed by his servants the Lamian Naga Fanha and the ancient Dark Lich Thanatos, who also want to obtain the Mana Fortress. Once the empire succeeds in its goals, Fanha kills Vandole and while she and Geshtar face off against Randi, Primm, and Popoi, Thanatos activates the Mana Fortress at Fanha's request.

Personality Edit

The Secret of Mana Emperor has shown in all his appearances a general callousness to anyone and everyone, including his generals. His callous attitude and lust for power results in his generals betraying him when he coldly disregards his right hand general Sheex's death and his other general Fanha's desire for vengeance for Sheex and Geshtar's deaths.

In Sword of Mana his personality is more or less identical to that of Julius.


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