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For the character and boss in Sword of Mana, see Count Lee.
For other appearances, see Vampire.

The Vampire, also known as Mr. Lee, is a non-player character and boss enemy from Final Fantasy Adventure and its remake Adventures of Mana. He is the lord and master of Kett Manor.


Count Lee has a werewolf servant and makes a habit of kidnapping and hypnotizing human women into being his servants. Fuji becomes one of these servants, forcing Sumo to work on freeing her before he can continue his quest any further.


After this plan had been practiced for a while, Lee was visited by a fellow Mavole by the name of Isabella. Shortly after this, a boy and a girl arrive at Vinquette Hall, seeking Lee's help in unblocking the cave to Wendel.



Sumo's chain flail is his best weapon coming into the battle and should be equipped, as should the iron shield. The Vampire moves briskly around the room, sending small bats to distract Sumo. The player should flog the Vampire when he stops to execute an attack, whipping the bats out of the way when needed. Fuji can heal during this battle, so the player should also make use of her when Sumo's HP are low. After a few rounds of combat, the Vampire should fall.