Hi! I'm YellowMage, and I'm the admin here at the Wiki of Mana. I know the place might look a bit bare at the moment, but I'm getting around to making it one of the greatest wikis ever! But that doesn't mean I couldn't use your help. If you've got an account, come and get stuck in! If you don't, for the love of the Black Rabite, get one now! It'll let you take advantage of all the great features of this wiki (once they're in place, that is) and every single other wiki in the whole of Wikia! There's no downside! Granted, knowledge on the Mana series wouldn't go amiss. If you have slim to none, go Google it and study up!

And remember, if you need any help at all, feel free to contact me on my talk page, or, failing that (I do occasionally have important admin stuff to attend to), get in touch with the folks at Wikia Central. Lovely bunch.

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