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The Underworld (奈落 Naraku, lit. Abyss) is a Land from Legend of Mana. The otherwordly domain of darkness and flames, it's where the departed rest after their demise. Most souls turns into Shadoles, but those persistent or strong enough may retain their original form. It is home to the Shadoles, Olbohn, and Drakonis.

At the climax of the Dragon story arc, the Underworld transforms into The Flames until Drakonis is defeated.

What link this underworld has to the more commonly established one, Mavolia, if any, is unknown though they have different Japanese names with Mavolia being Makai( 魔界 ) while this Underworld is called Naraku(奈落) which the Hell of Buddhism also known as 地獄 Jigoku which is described in Dawn of Mana as a place separate from Mavolia that it's King Stroud sought to invade alongside Paradise.


Dragoon Arc[]

The Fallen Emperor[]

Upon touching the Macabre Tombstone, the Hero/Heroine will be taken to the Underworld. There, they will be found by Larc, who claims to be the dragoon of Drakonis, and asks the Hero/Heroine to come along.

Unable to get to deeper levels, the Hero/Heroine needs permission from Olbohn to receive the Baptism of Flame. After that, the Hero/Heroine heads deep into the Underworld to defeat Hitodama. Impressed with their feats of force, Larc leads the Hero/Heroine to Drakonis, who bends them to gather the Mana Stones for him.

The Guardian of Winds, The Ghost of Nemesis, The Dragon Princess[]

Larc can be found here to be taken to those events.

The Crimson Dragon[]

When trying to enter the Underworld, the Hero/Heroine will be surprised by Sierra. She claims Vadise has commanded her to hunt down Larc, but she is unable to navigate through the remain alone, and asks for the Hero/Heroine's help.

Down there, Drakonis immediately contacts, sending the group a pursuit of Dark Stalkers, of which Sierra detonates in a single sweep, to much of even the Hero/Heroine's surprise.

Later on, they get to Drakonis' realm and find him and Larc discussing. Sierra tries once again to warn Larc of Drakonis' plans, of which he affirms he is aware of, much to her surprise. Larc claims that while he has served Drakonis' purposes, there will be a time where they fight and only the victor shall raise. Drakonis seemingly agrees, and immediatelly imbues his dragoon with dark powers. He smirkly remarks that is all Larc ever wanted, to be as strong as his sister.

After the battle, Larc mourns, confirming Drakonis' early affirmations and that he wanted to return to the living world to be alongised Sierra once again. He fades into nothingness, as Sierra promises she will avenge him and the Underworld rises to transform into The Flames.

Bud and Lisa's Arc[]

The Seven Wisdoms[]

One of the Seven Wisdoms, Olbohn can be found here. He tells Bud that he can do anything he wishes, but to not forget he is a human like any other.

Capella and Diddle's Arc[]

Diddle Had It![]

Diddle is deep in the low levels after being taken by the Shadoles. Capella successfully pursuits him, but is understanding of Diddle's depression, and says he will wait until he feels better to come up to the surface world. Finding it funny, the Shadoles challenge him to get out of there, and send the Ape Mummy. After it's defeat, everyone is brought back to the surface, where the two of them were lying down, waiting for the Hero/Heroine's return, and watching the stars while that did not happen yet.


Basic Overview[]

Land Artifact Mana Levels Lands Encyclopedia icon (LoM) Encyclopedia Description
Underworld icon (LoM)
Trembling Spoon icon (LoM)
Trembling Spoon

Wisp element icon (LoM) Mana Level 0 icon (LoM)
Shade element icon (LoM) Shade Mana Level 2 icon (LoM)
Dryad element icon (LoM) Mana Level 0 icon (LoM)
Aura element icon (LoM) Mana Level 0 icon (LoM)
Salamander element icon (LoM) Salamander Mana Level 2 icon (LoM)
Gnome element icon (LoM) Mana Level 0 icon (LoM)
Jinn element icon (LoM) Mana Level 0 icon (LoM)
Undine element icon (LoM) Mana Level 0 icon (LoM)

Souls who have departed their earthly vessels are judged by the King of the Underworld.
His vassals, the Shadoles, bring the departed to the Underworld.

Monster Data[]


  • Larc the Centaur (Boss Theme: The Darkness Nova)
  • Hitodama (Boss Theme: Bedight Orbit)
  • Ape Mummy (Boss Theme: Pain the Universe)


Item Data[]

  • Odd Meat
  • Ghost's Howl
  • Angel Feather
  • Dangerous Eye
  • Grave Dirt
  • Mirror Piece
  • Animal Meat
  • Sulpher
  • Aroma Oil

Non-Playable Characters[]


  • The Underworld is the only land to generate another land on it's own: The Flames.


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