The following is a list of version differences between the various releases of Trials of Mana (also known as Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan and in the fan translation before its official release in the West in 2019).

Japanese Release (1995)[edit | edit source]

Seiken Densetsu 3's original japanese title screen

  • Original release

Fan Translated Game (2000)[edit | edit source]

Seiken Densetsu 3's Fan Translated Title Screen

  • The logo has been completely romanized.
  • Japanese calligraphy has been converted to large-font Western text where possible.
  • Spell and item names have been translated verbatim, or aligned with Secret of Mana as appropriate. Other names may be abbreviated due to text-space limits.
  • Charlotte shifts some "s" sounds to "sh" and refers to herself in the third person.
  • Kevin is given rudimentary grammar in his dialogue, much as with a primitive man.

Seiken Densetsu Collection (Japan Only) (2017)[edit | edit source]

  • Released as part of an anthology.
  • Original CRT aspect ratio retained by default.
  • Bumper wallpaper has been added.
  • Savestate features have been added

Collection of Mana (2019)[edit | edit source]

Most of the differences comes from the new official translation.

See Trials of Mana translation article for further examples.

  • Some enemies spawn in a different place on the map and some are replaced by other enemies altogether.
  • The font is now smaller than the 2000 fan translation and a whole new translation of the game has been added.
    • The speech is a bit more formal and fantasy-esque.
    • Numerals are fully written (8 God Beasts vs Eight Benevodons).
    • God-Beasts are now called Benevodons.
    • Partners are now called companions in the character selection screen.
    • The currency is now called GP instead of Luc like in the fan translation.
    • Morning is now called AM and Night is called evening or PM in the text displayed when interacting with inn keepers.
    • The ring menu separate clauses with slashes instead of spaces and all text is aligned to the left.
    • A lot of locations have their names changed (Navarre vs Nevarl, Byzel vs Beiser, etc.)
    • Names of locations in the game don't use their full title (Holy City Wendel in the fan translation vs Wendel in the 2019 version).
    • The player can now use letters with diacritics (é, à, ê, etc.) upon choosing to name their playable characters.
    • Techs are now called class strikes.
    • Most magic, skills and class strikes have a new name and some of them are nods to the previous Mana title (Secret of Mana), like Reflect Magic being renamed Wall.
    • Some of the character's personality has been slightly altered from the new translation and the smaller font allowing more information. For example, Angela is shown to be a bit less bratty and more tired with her mentor José in her introduction and Duran is more unsure of himself rather and angry at the ferolian beastmen in Jadd.

Cosmetic Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The circle R symbol ® is absent from the title screen.
  • Some of the playable character's names have been changed to better reflect their original Japanese names (Carlie became Charlotte, Hawk became Hawkeye and Lise became Riesz). Advancements in ROM-hacking technology circa 2019 allowed the developers to squeeze more data into the space offered by the original ROM, whereas the 2000 fan hack worked within what limits were known at the time.
  • Kevin's speech is less blunt and more broken than in the fan translation, implying a degree of nervousness.
  • Charlotte's speech is now altered with replacing most L's and R's with W's, a bit like Elmer Fudd in the Looney Tunes.
  • Text color for narration is now white like every other text instead of yellow and so are the character names and locations.
  • Text for the names of locations are centered, like when read on signs.
  • Room transitions, dialogue boxes and menus are slower in the 2019 version compared to the fan translation.
  • Some scenes use smaller textboxes when in the fan translation use the regular format.
  • The main menu has been revamp in some instances.
    • The mini-map on the lower right angle of the screen sports symbols of each menu's sections instead of words.
    • Time of the day (Lumina or Shade) is now called Hour or Hr.
    • Character's attributes are now given a new translation and abreviated. For example, Agility is now called Dexterity or DEX in the game menu.

3D Remake (2020)[edit | edit source]

Game Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Major Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Players can now set the difficulty level when starting a new game. This can be switched dynamically in the Settings menu after the player gains control of the Chosen.
  • Li'l Cactus quest can grant various bonuses upon finding it enough times throughout the world.
  • Abilities are another major new game mechanic that can grant multiple buffs to a single character or the whole party.
  • Chain Abilities can be obtained through interacting with certain NPCs throughout the adventure, defeating certain bosses, completing certain plot points.
  • A fourth class tier has been made for each of the six characters and can be obtained via defeating an extra boss for each of them in the post-game.
  • New Game Plus allows the player to carry over levels, gold, seeds, equipment, and items from a previous playthrough.
    • As of patch 1.10, the player can choose to start from level 1, in addition to selecting the Expert and No Future difficulty modes.

Minor Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Characters Max HP and MP no longer hit a cap of 999 and 99 respectively.
  • The player has now the option to play out the introduction segment of their other two party member upon meeting them.
  • The currency is now called Lucre instead of GP in the 2019 version.
  • Restorative items like Candies and Chocolates now restore more HP since characters have more of them.
  • Since leveling up has been made easier, enemy levels have been scaled up to reflect this reality.
  • Class changing is typically made earlier in the game for both the second and third tiers. The first ??? seeds the player encounter in the game will always give them the six class change items that they need.
  • Treasure chests are no longer dropped by enemies and items are instead automatically picked up upon defeating enemies.
  • Treasure chests and glowing yellow orbs are now abundant throughout the world.
  • Weapon, armor and accessory upgrades can be found in treasure chests in various dungeons instead of being bought like in the classic version.
  • Enemies won't usually counter class strikes like in the classic version.
  • The mimic enemy can no longer be spawned by the treasure roulette as this mechanic was dropped in the remake; instead they can be found in dungeons disguised as regular chests.
  • Some enemies will now sport magical spheres with honeycomb pattern surrounding them that act as additional armor and are meant to be broken with power attacks, charge attacks or class strikes.
  • Any level of class strikes can be performed regardless of the actual amount of filled CS gauge bars. In the classic version, a character would always use its strongest class strike possible depending on the filled CS gauge bars.
  • The CS gauge will now always be depleted upon triggering a class strike, regardless of hitting monsters or not. This wasn't the case in the classic version.
  • The CS gauge doesn't deplete itself after combat if isn't used completely.
  • Characters can now be interrupted by monsters during casting time.
  • Cups of wishes no longer restore MP like in the classic version.
  • Leveling up now restores HP and MP of the corresponding character.
  • Training points can now be used in the training menu instead of immediately upon leveling up.
  • Training points can be stacked on an attribute more than once regardless of any previous pick.
  • There are now five attributes (Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, Spirit and Luck) instead of six.
  • Character classes can now be reset to a lower class. This can be done in front of a Mana stone by using a specific new item, the Goddess Scales.
  • TheMagic Pot can now be leveled up to ensure better yields upon planting seeds and you can now plant up to ten seeds in a row.
  • Weapon/Armor seeds no longer exist but they have been replaced by a 3-tier of rare item-yeilding seeds (Silver , Gold and Rainbow item seeds).
  • The maximum number of different items that can be assigned to the ring menu is now twelve.
  • The Minor Mallet can no longer be put on the ring menu.
  • Springsteppers are now more common and can be used for traversing obstacles or reaching high places instead of showing an area of the world map.
  • 2-Player co-op is no longer available in this version.
  • There are no longer areas in dungeons that trap the party until they defeat all the enemies. This mechanic was replaced by a feature that turns the field perimeter red when escape is not possible.
  • Sleeping enemies will now spot and attack the party if you approach near them making sneaking through them more difficult.
  • Player characters can now jump. This mechanic is widely used in many parts of the game, notably in the Woods of Wandara.
  • Various healing pots for replenishing HP, MP and CS and also containing items can now be found profusely everywhere.
  • If a player character is inflicted with blind, poison or silence, the status effect will still linger outside the battle.
  • In the classic version, the player had to put training points into Angela's intelligence attribute for her to learn new spells; this is no longer the case as the spell learning has been distributed between the five stats (Spirit for Light magic, Intelligence for Water and Dark, Strength for Fire, Luck for Wind, Stamina for Earth).
  • Some class strikes work differently; for example, Angela's Boomerand Spiral (Grand Diviner) can do AOE damage and Duran's Spin Slash (Gladiator) no longer makes him spin around and instead creates a tornado in front of him.
  • Kevin's werewolf transformation is now instant.
  • Leveling up is now made easier in general thanks to increased experience from boss fights and regular monsters and New Game Plus.
  • After a certain Li'l Cactus reward, you can now get elemental icons, claws and fangs at Beiser's Night Market.
  • Kevin's class strikes had two variants in the classic version; a normal one and a single-target throw/grapple. The second variant is absent in the remake.
  • Status aliments now have a chance of success instead of being garanteed to be inflicted, given that the target must be susceptible to it. This makes skills like Needle Shower much less reliable.
  • The Nomad class for Hawkeye has been made a little more defensive in order to balance out the multiple nerfs added to his skills and spells.
  • Most spells and class strikes now hit several times instead of just once.
  • Large bosses with multiple targets now take increased damage from AOE spells that hit multiple parts.
  • Multiple targeting with spells like Fireball or Ice Smash are now tiered within the training system and are no longer considered the same spell.
  • Item use is no longer instant and the user is now briefly vulnerable before and after using the item.
  • Benevodons and end-game bosses don't instantly use their strongest attacks anymore. Instead, they create additional targets on the field that must be destroyed before the spell finishes charging. If the party succeeds in doing so, the boss gets temporarily knocked out so that they can be further damaged. If the party fail to destroy all targets, they get hit by severe damage that most likely eat up all their HP or leave them in critical state.
  • Trophies (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) can be obtained in the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the 3D remake.
  • The new burn status condition has be added and limit your peripheral vision and doubles the damage you take while the status is in effect.
  • Numerous spells and skills have been rebalanced or removed in the 3D remake.
    • Instant death spells, like Annihilate and Undead Away now simply do normal damage instead of dealing 999 damage points to bosses and higher leveled enemies. Additionally, those spells have a chance to instantly kill the target if a lower level than the party instead of being a garanteed kill.
    • The Wall spell now only relfects the next spell that hits the protected target instead of during a limited time.
    • Crystalline now only wards off a single attack instead of lasting for a while.
    • The Nature Aura spell now merely speeds up the rate at which the CS gauge fills rather than instantly maxing it out.
    • Multiple targeting with spells like Fireball or Ice Smash are now tiered within the training system and are no longer considered the same spell.
    • Angela can no longer multi-target her level 1 spells with her default class.
    • Max HP down spells like Lunatique and Moon Saber no longer work on bosses anymore.
    • Impediment and Accelerate were removed in the game since the Dexterity attribute they affected no longer exist in the 3D version.
    • Stats buffs and debuffs no longer hangs around until dealt with or by winning a battle. There is a time limit to all six spells.

Story[edit | edit source]

  • Story progression is now streamlined to specific star markers that the player must interact with before move forward.
  • The player can be shown objectives during playtime, although this can be turned off.
  • NPCs in Dior no longer run away from the party before talking with the Elfin Elder; they now respond in ellipses.
  • All player characters can now fight the black rabite in their respective final story arc after defeating the Benevodon of Darkness.
  • It is no longer necessary to activate specific Mana Spirits to advance the story; this is instead woven into cutscenes.
  • They are now two segments of the game that make your party teleport to their destination instead of having to travel there manually; the first is when the bridge in Stonesplit Gap falls down, the party automatically get transported back to Maia. The second instance is after escaping Beuca Island, as Vuscav first deposits you on the beach near Maia, the party is teleported straight to Valsena.

Cosmetic Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Characters no longer jump on Flammie upon summoning her. The only instance they do jump on her back is during the wind Benevodon fight.
  • There is no longer a secret music test menu accessible upon starting the game.
  • The remake has full voiceworks instead of sound effects for some enemies.
  • The opening is narrated.
  • Dungeons and general maps layouts are more vast and expansive.
  • Paths in dugeons are now more straightfoward and less convoluted for the player to get lost.
  • There is now environmental hazard in some dungeons, like poison pools and clouds, fire jets, lava and icy floors.
  • Breast jiggle physics has been implemented with Angela and Riesz's models.
  • Cannon travel scenes do not show the world map anymore and only show player characters flying off the cannon.
  • Dungeons and field maps are now contiguous, so each part of a location is now show in its entirety instead of segmented into tiny maps like in the classic version.
  • Chirry's hair color (a minor child character that saves Angela in her introduction) sports purple hair like Angela instead of blond hair. This was likely made to imply their mother and child relationship more contrasting than Angela and the True Queen's.
  • Various censorships and toned down scenses have been implemented.
    • Angela's Love Typhoon class strike (Sorceress) has now been censored to blowing a kiss to enemies instead of showing her buttock.
    • Additionally, every instance of Angela's teasing animation has been edited to a simple Akanbe (あかんべえ) (eyelid and tongue pulling gesture).
    • Angela no longer sleeps in the nude.
    • Main characters no longer pull out their weapons when annoyed by NPCs like Von Boyage or Donperi and now tighten their fist toward the NPC in frustration.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • There are now twelve available save slots and also Cloud save support.
  • The player can now play in five languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese) and can also switch the voice acting between English and Japanese.
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