The Trembling Spoon (震える銀さじ Furueru gin saji, lit. Trembling Silver Spoon) is an Artifact from Legend of Mana. Originally a silver spoon that is used to scoop flames in order to introduce the souls of the deceased into the Underworld, the Trembling Spoon comes into being when a soul resisting death is trapped within. When placed on the world map, the Trembling Spoon will transform into the Underworld.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Artifact Location[edit | edit source]

Primary Location
Quest Method
Faeries' Light Complete the quest.
Secondary Location(s)
Quest Method
- -

Artifact Information[edit | edit source]

Artifact Transforms Into LoM Artefact Encyclopaedia Icon.png Encyclopaedia Description
LoM AF Trembling Spoon Sprite.png
Trembling Spoon
LoM Underworld Sprite.png
A silver spoon for scooping up flames to baptize departed souls into the Underworld. Sometimes a soul who resists death becomes trapped inside; then the spoon begins to tremble and must be discarded.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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