Trait Coins

All 8 Trait Coins.

Coin Effect
Light Coin Healing Light effect
Dark Coin Creates Silhouette effect
Moon Coin Creates Mooglemorphosis effect
Fire Coin Creates PowerUp effect
Water Coin Creates BubbleBoat effect
Wood Coin Creates PsychicShield effect
Earth Coin Creates D-Fense effect
Wind Coin Creates SpeedUp effect


Light Coin

  • Death Flower (Scaly Lair, Marsh Cave)
  • Duck GI (Marsh Cave, Wendel Coast)
  • Spiny Cone (Cascade Cave)
  • Duck General (Granz Castle)
  • Chess Knight (Dime Tower)

Dark Coin

  • Specter (Devius Manor, Miasma Glen)
  • Gremlin (Rocky Wilds)
  • Cumulus (Undersea Volcano)
  • Dulahan (Ruined Passage)
  • Ghost (Dime Tower)

Moon Coin

  • Locud (Road to Abandoned Mine)
  • Shadow Zero (Jadd Desert, Devius Manor)
  • Poto (Kahla Peaks)
  • Denden (Rocky Wilds)

Fire Coin

  • Imp (Menos Outskirts, Prickly Desert)
  • Cherry Slime (Mt. Illusia)
  • Cumulus (Subsea Volcano)
  • Flame Moth (Subsea Volcano)
  • Shamanion (Mana Sanctuary)

Water Coin

  • Tonpole (Scaly Lair, Marsh Cave)
  • Pincher Crab (Wendel Coast)
  • Tanpole (Kahla Peaks)

Wood Coin

  • Malboro (Cascade Cave)
  • Bumpkin (Mt. Illusia)
  • Kaiser Mimic (Sealed Cave)
  • Rusty Weapon (Dime Tower)
  • Cursed Doll (Dime Tower)

Wind Coin

  • Needlebeak (Road to Vinquette Hall, Scaly Lair)
  • Blood Owl (Road to Abandoned Mine)
  • Insectaur (Abandoned Mine, Gaia Cave)
  • Dainslaif (Granz Castle)
  • Chobin Hoodlum (Granz Castle)
  • Taxibird (Subland River)
  • Ache Cone (Mana Sanctuary)

Earth Coin

  • Skull Beast (Vinquette Hall)
  • Skeleton (Jadd Desert)
  • Gloomoth (Cascade Cave, Mt. Illusia)
  • Howler (Mt. Illusia)
  • Sabre Kitty (Kahla Peaks)
  • Skull Drake (Glass Desert)
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