The point of Church

  • Location: Town of Wendel
  • Quest Availability: Waking Up in Ishe - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: Chocolump (x10-50)
  • Reward Get: Dudbears Gold (x5)

Enter the Wendel Cathedral at any time other than night. Sitting in one of the left pews is a young child named Pablo. Talk to him and he will request some Chocolumps. Give him one, and he will give you absolutely nothing. Speak with him nine more times and give more Chocolumps (for a total of ten), and he will hand over one Dudbears Gold!

You can now go to Lil Cactus and get him to write the diary entry, however, you are not really done yet. If you give him 40 more Chocolumps, he will continue to give you Dudbears Gold for each 10. Basically, if you give Pablo a total of 50 Chocolumps, you can get a total of 5 Dudbears Gold.

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