The Echoes of Mavolia are the power behind the Thanatos and Mavole (also known as Grimslies) of Mavolia. They are Echoes of Anise the Witch accumulating within the petrified Mana Tree due to the low levels of Mana in Dawn of Mana which end up possessing her alternate incarnations from that world: the Tree Maidens Anise and Ritzia.

The Door to Mavolia was sealed by Granz following his lover the Tree Maiden Anise's possession by the Echoes and was opened following Ritzia's possession by both the Echoes and Tree Maiden Anise in turn.

They are ultimately destroyed along with Tree Maiden Anise when the Mana Tree is resurrected and Ritzia merges with Faye and the Mana Seed to become a Mana Goddess.

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