The Deathbringer's first form.

The Deathbringer's second form.

"Bring a whole army if you wish! You will not pass!"
—The Deathbringer (before fighting the Hero/Heroine and Larc)

The Deathbringer is a major antagonist from the game Legend of Mana, orchestrating some of the key events of the game. He sends mind controlled soldiers to Polpota Harbor to capture some kind of "ultimate weapon", but Elle thwarts his plan when she accidentally sinks the warship the soldiers are in with her song. He then commands his soldiers to destroy all the sirens in the harbor, only to have the Hero/Heroine thwart this by defeating a plant monster he put there. In a later quest, Deathbringer is confronted by the party, including his old enemy Larc, in Ribcage Hallway. The player has the option to fight him again in a later quest, except this time he seems to have absorbed Jajara, who was defeated earlier. He gains more powerful attacks, but is inevitably defeated again.

The Deathbringer is unique in the sense that he is involved in numerous arcs throughout the game. He is involved in the quest that involve Elle and the sirens, he also has a past with Larc and Lady Blackpearl. This makes him one of, if not the only, villain to have fought several of your allies.

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