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“Grandpa sorcerer hid a Sproutling in his dream! Wow, that grandpa can really do amazing things. I wonder if I can do that?”
Cactus Diaries, entry 44

"The Cage of Dreams" (夢の檻の中へ Yume no ori no naka e, lit. Into the Dream Cage) is a quest and storyline in Legend of Mana.


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Talk to Li'l Cactus in front of your Home, then inside your Home to start quest.


The player must have placed the Full Mana Tree in upper-left corner of map.

Note : only one of these quests is required to complete.

Quests unlocked[]


When you get Home you may find your Cactus outside with a dead Sproutling. Note: This Event always happens, but not always at the same time. You may need to place the next AF in Map/Land Guide to trigger this event.

Go into your house to follow the Cactus. Talk to it and then leave your house. Go to the Workshops see the conversation. Leave and talk to Pokiehl outside the Workshops. Go back inside and talk to the wheel when Pokiehl leaves.

Now you’ll be in another Dreamworld. Follow path to get to the Sproutling. After all is said and done you will get the Sword of Mana AF.