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For the character biography, see Heath.
"Charlotte who? I do not know you! This is where you will perish."
—Heath (before fighting Charlotte's party)

The Tainted Soul is a boss in Trials of Mana.

This boss is exclusive to players that have chosen either Kevin or Charlotte as their main characters.


2D Version[]

The Tainted Soul is widely seen as the hardest of the second-to-last bosses. He is an extremely powerful mage at level 48, with 11543 life-points, who uses fearsome attacks and can often heal himself. He is a formidable foe who must never be underestimated, even when all the heroes surpass his level. He can cast Dark Curse to greatly weaken the heroes or fire balls of white light that deals little to no damage but throws them backwards.

Great Demons, a level 2 summon

He masters the level 1 summons Chess Knight and Machine Golem, the level 2 Ghost, Ghoul, Gremlin and Great Demon and three divine level 3 who heavily damage all heroes and inflict status: Freya shrinks the heroes, Iormungand poisons them and Marduke confuse them, which must be cured. He casts the Holy Bolt and Lucent Beam spells on every hero to deal higher damage, and the very powerful special spell Ghost Leader.

Marduke, a level 3 summon

The best way to deal with him is to keep close and to harass him continuously with weapons and special techniques. The heroes must boost their stats and decrease his own, especially his magic power, as much as can be. Beware for he retaliates to overly powerful attacks with a devastating move. The heroes must heal often and make him lose every life-point he regains in the following minutes. Casting the Moon Sabre spell restores their life-points with every weapon strike they deal, giving them a decisive advantage.

Ghost Road, a Darkness-based spell/summon


3D Version[]

In the remake, Heath is at level 64. His attacks can be dodged and even telegraphed by red zones signalling their area of effect, but the heroes must react quickly. He hovers over the ground and dashes at light-speed, enabling him to evade the heroes and their attacks. He attacks with discs of purple light, spams Ghost Leader whose ghosts’ paths hinder the heroes and on different areas following their position. He channels energy from the monsters he summons to either unleash a deadly divine summon or heal himself, but if they are destroyed he is knocked out and becomes vulnerable.

Enemy Intel[]

3D Version[]

Tainted Soul - Level 64


  • Ghostleader - Summons specters dashing through five horiontal lines.
  • Dark Projectile (No official name) - Throws multiple spinning disks of purple light in a straight line.
  • Lucent Beam - Shoots up larges beams of light up to three times.
  • Lucent Beam + - Shoots up larges beams of light in one wide area.
  • Undead Demise (No official name) - Charge attack. Summons ghouls that need to be defeated before the Tainted Soul unleash a highly damaging attack. The Tainted Soul can be temporarily kocked out if all ghouls are defeated within time limit.


  • 10,400 Lucre
  • 34,000 EXP
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