Here is the list of Swords that appear in Secret of Mana:

Name Attack Special Location
Rusty Sword 3 Potos Falls
Broad Sword 8 +1 Agility Defeat Mantis Ant
Herald Sword 14 Good against slimes/lizards Pandorean Treasury
Claymore 20 Good against insects Defeat Great Viper
Excalibur 27 Good against evil/undead Northtown Ruins
Masamune 35 Higher critical hit ratio King of Tasnica
Gigas Sword 43 +1 Strength Grand Palace
Dragon Buster 52 Good against dragons Defeat Thunder Gigas
Mana Sword 127


As Randi has the highest default attack, the sword suits him the most and it will be him that will get the most out of it. It was also stated by Undine that the Mana Sword will be more powerful than any magic.


  • The Sword and Axe are the only weapons in Secret of Mana that do not inflict status conditions on enemies.
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