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This is an exhaustive list of all the regular enemies in Sword of Mana. Enemies listed from 001 to 119 can be found in Popoi's Notebook under the Monster Album section.

Number Name Image
001 Rabite Rabite sdm.png
002 Molebear Molebear sdm.png
003 Howler Howler sdm.png
004 Sabre Kitty Sabre Kitty sdm.png
005 Gray Ox Gray Ox sdm.png
006 Mushboom Mushboom sdm.png
007 Death Flora Death Flora sdm.png
008 Bumpkin Bumpkin sdm.png
009 Malboro Malboro sdm.png
010 Wooding Wooding sdm.png
011 Bebe Bebe sdm.png
012 Locud Locud sdm.png
013 Gloomoth Gloomoth sdm.png
014 Sand Scorpio Sand Scorpio sdm.png
015 Silkspitter Silkspitter sdm.png
016 Tonpole Tonpole sdm.png
017 Basilisk Basilisk sdm.png
018 Lizardon Lizardon sdm.png
019 Cobra Cobra sdm.png
020 Tyrranos Tyrranos sdm.png
021 Needlebeak Needlebeak2 sdm.png
022 Batmo Batmo sdm.png
023 Cockatrice Cockatrice sdm.png
024 Blood Owl Blood Owl sdm.png
025 Garuda Garuda sdm.png
026 Stained Sword Stained Sword sdm.png
027 Shadow Zero Shadow Zero sdm.png
028 Lime Slime Lime Slime sdm.png
029 Denden Tezla Denden Tezla sdm.png
030 Cumulus Cumulus sdm.png
031 Moldy Goo Moldy Goo sdm.png
032 Land Leech Land Leech sdm.png
033 Pincher Crab Pincher Crab sdm.png
034 Iffish Iffish sdm.png
035 Seadragon Seadragon sdm.png
036 Big Baby Big Baby sdm.png
037 Cursed Doll Cursed Doll sdm.png
038 Polter Box Polter Box sdm.png
039 Dainslaif Dainslaif sdm.png
040 Chess Knight Chess Knight sdm.png
41 Machine Golem Machine Golem sdm.png
042 Tin Knight Tin Knight sdm.png
043 Tomato Man Tomato Man sdm.png
044 Werewolf Werewolf sdm.png
045 Duck GI Duck GI sdm.png
046 Insectaur Insectaur sdm.png
047 Chobin Hood Chobin Hoodlum sdm.png
048 Sahagin Sahagin sdm.png
049 Goblin Goblin sdm.png
050 Tin Tortoise Tin Tortoise sdm.png
051 Skull Beast Skull Beast sdm.png
052 Zonbine Zonbine sdm.png
053 Specter Specter sdm.png
054 Skeleton Skeleton sdm.png
055 Ape Mummy Ape Mummy sdm.png
056 Imp Imp sdm.png
057 Fierce Face Fierce Face sdm.png
058 Punkster Punkster sdm.png
059 Dullahan Dullahan sdm.png
060 Wormwood Wormwood sdm.png
061 Kid Dragon Kid Dragon sdm.png
062 Sky Dragon Sky Dragon sdm.png
063 Land Dragon Land Dragon sdm.png
064 Eye Spy Eye Spy sdm.png
065 Spiny Cone Spiny Cone sdm.png
066 Poto Poto sdm.png
067 Griffin Hand Griffon Claw sdm.png
068 Beholder Beholder sdm.png
069 Springball Springball sdm.png
070 Light Cyclops Light Cyclops sdm.png
071 Dark Cyclops Dark Cyclops sdm.png
072 Moon Cyclops Moon Cyclops sdm.png
073 Fire Cyclops Fire Cyclops sdm.png
074 Water Cyclops Water Cyclops sdm.png
075 Wood Cyclops Wood Cyclops sdm.png
076 Wind Cyclops Wind Cyclops sdm.png
077 Earth Cyclops Earth Cyclops sdm.png
078 Ghostum Ghostum sdm.png
079 Bonny Matango Bonny Matango sdm.png
080 Ache Cone Ache Cone sdm.png
081 Earth Basilisk Earth Basilisk sdm.png
082 Rabilion Rabillion sdm.png
083 Assassinant Assassinant sdm.png
084 Killer Pansy Killer Pansy sdm.png
085 Duck General Duck General sdm.png
086 Turtle Shelly Turtle Shelly sdm.png
087 Mean Mask Mean Mask sdm.png
088 Voo Doll Voo Doll sdm.png
089 Shamanion Shamanion sdm.png
090 Killafish Killafish sdm.png
091 Copper Knight Copper Knight sdm.png
092 Cherry Slime Cherry Slime sdm.png
093 Anthrosect Anthrosect sdm.png
094 Chobin Hoodlum Chobin Hoodlum sdm.png
095 Petit Poseidon Petit Poseidon sdm.png
096 Goblin Guard Goblin Guard sdm.png
097 Skull Drake Skull Drake sdm.png
098 Kaiser Mimic Kaiser Mimic sdm.png
099 Snowy Rabite Snowy Rabite sdm.png
100 Ice Leech Ice Leech sdm.png
101 Dark Batmo Dark Batmo sdm.png
102 Tanpole Tanpole sdm.png
103 Dragodon Dragondon sdm.png
104 Pricklebeak Pricklebeak sdm.png
105 Night Sniper Night Sniper sdm.png
106 Gremlin Gremlin sdm.png
107 Clincher Crab Clincher Crab sdm.png
108 Taxibird Taxibird sdm.png
109 Knollbear Knollbear sdm.png
110 Grumpkin Grumpkin sdm.png
111 Flame Moth Flame Moth sdm.png
112 Ghoul Ghoul sdm.png
113 Bloody Bjorn Bloody Bjorn sdm.png
114 Shadow Zed Shadow Zed sdm.png
115 Hoppin' Tick Hoppin Tick sdm.png
116 Wizard Eye Wizard Eye sdm.png
117 Viper Viper sdm.png
118 Hell Hound Hell Hound sdm.png
119 Wolfiend Wolfiend sdm.png
120 Granz Soldier Realm Lancier SDOM.png
121 High Granz Soldier
122 Granz Archer Realm Bowman SDOM.png
123 Granz Wizard