Altenish Mages alerted by Angela's arrival

Stonesplit Gap (Cleft of the Earth in the fan translation) is a region in Trials of Mana. Located at the northern extent of the Golden Road, the kingdom of Valsena lies beyond the mountainous canyon. A hidden path to the Dwarf Village can be accessed from the southern pass.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Opening - Duran[edit | edit source]

On a mission from the Hero King, as well as the advice of a local fortune-teller, Duran must cross over Stonesplit Gap to reach a port from which he sails to Jadd. His ultimate goal is to seek counsel from the Priest of Light in Holy City Wendel. He also seeks redemption for his failure against the Crimson Wizard.

Chapter I[edit | edit source]

From Maia, the Chosen and their party cross the Golden Road up to the Gap, seeking to walk the great bridge to Valsena. When they reach the eastern cliffs of the pass, they are waylaid by a detachment of Altenish mages in the midst of their planned invasion. If Angela is in the party, these mages attempt to detain her. The party pushes back, but the mages deploy a set of Machine Golems to stop them. Although they defeat the devices, one of the golems triggers its self-destruct sequence and explodes, obliterating the bridge.

Contemplating their options, our heroes return to Maia and report back to Von Boyage to explain what happened. He claims that a cannon he's developing would all but solve their problem—except that he became so excited to see it in action that he forgot about fuel. Von Boyage then suggests that the party brings him some nitromyte, though he does not remember where to get the explosive. Asking around town, however, reveals that the dwarfs of Stonesplit Gap might have it.

With a new goal, the heroes return to the pass to find the dwarfs, but are stalled by a wall of refractive rock. Lumina volunteers his light to dispel the illusion, revealing a path to Dwarf Village.

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Enemies[edit | edit source]

2D Version[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

2020 Remake[edit | edit source]

Chapter I[edit | edit source]

Treasures & Items[edit | edit source]

2020 Remake[edit | edit source]

Treasure Location Availability Note
Cup of Wishes (1) Stonesplit Gap II - On the left side of the ravine next to the bridge Duran's introduction or Chapter I -
Chocolate (1) Stonesplit Gap III - On a narrow cliff next to the entrance to Golden Road ; reached by jumping down a steep slope. Chapter I -
Cup of Wishes (1) Stonesplit Gap III - In a cubbyhole close to the Mana statue. Chapter I -

Li'l Cactus[edit | edit source]

West side of canyon, north of damaged bridge—must access from Molebear Moors

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