Stone Saber is a recurring spell in the Mana series.

Secret of ManaEdit

Stone Saber is one of six spells taught by Gnome, the Mana Spirit of Earth. It is a support spell that allows the target's physical attacks to cause earth elemental damage and inflict the Petrify status.

Primm can cast the spell at a cost of 4 MP. It is also cast by Doom Swords in the Grand Palace and Master Ninjas in the Mana Fortress.

Seiken Densetsu 3Edit

Stone Saber is an Earth-elemental spell that imbues weapons with the power of the Earth element. Duran can use the spell if he becomes a Gladiator (dark path), and he can use it on multiple targets if he becomes a Swordmaster (dark-light path). Charlotte can use the spell if she becomes a Priestess (light path), and she can use it on multiple targets if she becomes a Sage (light-dark path). The Molebear's Claw item simulates the effect of this spell. It requires 7 Spirit to learn.

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