The Stealth Charm, Stealth Guard, Stealth Card, or the Shinobi no Mamorifuda (lit. Shinobi's Protecting Seals) is one of 12 ultimate accessories found in Seiken Densetsu 3. It is the ultimate accessory of Hawkeye should he take the final Dark paths of the Thief, the Ninja Master and the Nightblade.


The Stealth Charm is a set of three vertical sheets of paper charms made in the fashion of Shinto ofuda. The material itself is a weathered but strong looking paper that is frayed at its top and bottom borders in a light ochre to dark violet gradient, while an invocation is written in glowing white ink.


The ultimate accessory of the Ninja Master and the Nightblade. A series of mystical amulets, these charms are said to be made with the most mysterious and esoteric arts of ninjutsu unknown to even to other ninjas. Bearing these charms are said to allow for its user to sneak about with ease, blend into the shadows without flaw, dance about their foes with unmatched agility, and outrun danger without difficulty.

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