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Star Lancer (スターランサー, Sutā Ransā?) is a recurring class in the Mana series.

Seiken Densetsu 3[]

Riesz Star Lancer Sprite.gif

  • Fan translated Name: Star Lancer
  • Name: Starlancer

The Star Lancer is the Light Dark job class of Riesz. The Star Lancer specializes more in the magic capabilities of the Valkyrie branches, with multicast Stat Up spells to bolster the party with little delay, and being able to summon Marduk, who is considered among the best summon out of all of the Amazon's "master" classes. In turn, the Star Lancer's attack and DPS is traded to become a more powerful method of attack a degree higher than Angela's and Charlotte's, with a single target Level 3 Class Strike, becoming more useful in indirect support and standard attacking.

Trials of Mana[]

See Starlancer (Trials of Mana)

Sword of Mana[]

Requirements: Warrior Type 10 + Monk Type 8 + Thief Type 5 + Magician Type 5 + Sage Type 7

  • Starlancer (Icon is Starlanser in Japanese version)
  • Lance attack +25
  • FiWaWiEa MagDef +15

Heroes of Mana[]

Neck #27 Evening Star (明星のクサリ)
Range +3
A chain once worn by the legendary Amazon
Star Lancer.