Sproutlings (草人 Kusajin, lit. Grass People) form a race of magical beings that take the form of anthropomorphic leaves in Legend of Mana. Said to be creatures that seemingly manifest out of nothingness, Sproutlings wind up residing in places that are populated. These creatures are also known to share one common mind. When flowers bloom on the heads of Sproutlings, they will transform into Flowerlings.



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The enigmatic guardians of the Tree of Mana, Sproutlings are said to share a singular consciousness, a fact that is made evident through the linear personality that all such beings appearing in Legend of Mana. In general, Sproutlings are a rather placid group of beings, roaming the domains of the towns that they inhabit in a carefree manner. Their placidity is especially evident in The Cage of Dreams, where, the Hero/Heroine's resident Sproutling, despite having been abducted by Nunuzac, remains undeterred in maintaining its tranquil, genteel demeanour even after being found and rescued.

Speaking to any Sproutling reveals naturalistic leanings that are to be expected of beings that have established a symbiotic relationship with the Tree of Mana; they constantly talk about their love of various aspects of nature, including the "wind" and the "leaves."

In spite of their seemingly appearing to be ethereal in the steadfastness of their serenity, Sproutlings have proven to be just as capable of experiencing physical pain like the other living beings residing in Fa'Diel do. In The Flame of Hope, for one, a Sproutling enters a state of frenzied panic due to stomach pains induced by a Popo bug parasitical attack. Seeing Double further supports this, as the panicked responses to the faux-Hero/Heroine's plucking of Sproutling leaves throughout Domina reveal.


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Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Sproutling Portrait
LoM Sproutling Sprite Little creatures that seem to appear out of nowhere and end up living in any town. They all share the same mind with each other.

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