The Sprite Village was a settlement in Secret of Mana. Protected by a magical seal, it lies hidden within the Forest of Seasons in the Upper Land.

Story[edit | edit source]

In thanks for liberating their village from monsters, the moogles give Popoi a clue as to the location of their former hometown. Translating for the moogles, Popoi recites it aloud as follows:

"Walk the seasons, spring to winter.
Spring again, and we can enter."[1]

Randi and his party run through the forest as per the clue, and so break the seal on the secluded enclave once home to a tribe of sprites. Popoi arrives in shock, as the village is barren. Randi senses trouble up ahead, and finds a Spring Beak in the courtyard of the Wind Palace, which the party must fight.

The Wind Palace is mostly intact, as is the Mana Seed of Wind. Popoi's grandfather took refuge there during an attack, but lost his sight. He wills Sylphid to the party, and directs them to Matango.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. In the HD remake, the clue was converted to prose, and spoken as "Walk the seasons from spring to winter. When you reach spring again, the village will appear."
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