Here is the list of spears that appear in Secret of Mana.

Name Attack Special Location
Spear 4 Luka
Heavy Spear 11 Defeat Tropicallo
Sprite's Spear 16 Balloons enemies Pandorean Treasury
Partisan 23 Good against slimes/lizards Santa's house
Halberd 29 Confuses enemies Northtown Ruins
Oceanid Spear 38 Puts enemies to sleep Light Palace
Gigas Lance 46 +1 Strength Defeat Aegagropilon
Dragon Lance 54 Good against dragons Defeat Mech Rider 3
Daedalus Lance 56 The Ultimate Spear! Rare drop from Tsunami

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Since the Mana Sword cannot be acquire by normal means unless Mana Magic is cast on Randi, the spear can be the second best weapon since it is quite common to find Tsunamis in the Mana Fortress. The chances are increased since Tsunamis multiply. The attack, along with Randi's default attack, make it a suitable weapon for him.

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