Soldier's Orders

  • Location: Town of Wendel
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival at Wendel - Boarding Airship (Hero) or Meeting Cibba (Heroine)
  • Item Need: None
  • Reward Get: Dudbears Gold

Go to the Wendel Inn at any time BUT night. Near Moti you will find a Granz Soldier. Speak with him (his name is Umberto). Tell him you want the work, and then accept the job.

Your Quest is to find the Mana believers. First, go to the Wendel Residence in the south part of town at NIGHT. You will find out the Guy Who Won't Work is one of the people Umberto is looking for.

Leave the town and wander around until its Day again. Return to the Inn and speak to Umberto once more. Tell him that you indeed saw something. Go back to the Residence. Umberto will come in with you, and you will find out he was a double agent all along. Arnold will then give you Dudbears Gold as a show of friendship. QUEST CLEAR!

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