The Skull Lantern (骨のカンテラ Hone no kantera, lit. Skull Torch) is an Artifact from Legend of Mana. Originally the skull of a mage who passed away while embarking on a quest to search for a gem guarded by a dragon, the Skull Lantern came into being when his comrades fashioned his skull into a lantern. The Skull Lantern will transform into Norn Peaks when placed on the world map.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Artifact Location[edit | edit source]

Primary Location
Quest Method
The Fallen Emperor Complete the quest.
Secondary Location(s)
Quest Method
- -

Artifact Information[edit | edit source]

Artifact Transforms Into LoM Artefact Encyclopaedia Icon.png Encyclopaedia Description
LoM AF Skull Lantern Sprite.png
Skull Lantern
LoM Norn Peaks Sprite.png
Norn Peaks
Mages, searching for a gem guarded by a dragon, crafted the skull of a fallen comrade into a lantern. It glows of its own accord.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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