Silver Knife

  • Location: Town of Wendel
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Wendel - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: Silver Knife
  • Reward Get: Kittypie

Go to the Wendel Inn and speak to Emirilie, who is on the first floor of the lobby. After he whines a bit, select "Hear the details." When he asks if you will find the knife for him, tell him "You bet!" and the Quest will begin.

Go to the nearby Blacksmith and speak to Dohel and Donga, who will mention that their dwarven brother, Dofar, has been missing the entire day and apparently does not want to be a dwarf anymore. Return to the Wendel Inn and enter the upper-right room. In the upper-right corner you will find a nameless dwarf. He will reveal that he is quitting dwarfing, so he must be Dofar! Dohel appears and reveals that he is a major drama queen. He cries thinking of how Emirilie does not have his knife because of Dofar's selfishness. Speak with Dofar and he woll have a change of heart. He has decided to go back to work, and tells you to give the knife to Emerilie. Leave the room and speak to Emirilie on the first floor. Give him the knife and he will be so grateful that he gives you a Kittypie.

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