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There are a total of four Shiny Knight sidequests.

Shiny Knight I[]

  • Location: Town of Wendel
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival at Wendel - Before Boarding Airship (Hero) or Meeting Cibba (Heroine)
  • Item Need: None
  • Reward Get: 100 Lucre

Go to the Wendel Inn and speak with Vega. He will ask you to bring him a Glittering Sword so he can get a new job. Tell him yes. To get the Glittering Sword, fight Pincher Crabs on the Wendel Coast or Mushbooms in the Mushboom Forest until they drop one (there is a 10% chance that, if they drop a Chest, it will a Glittering Sword). Bring the item back to Vega and give it to him for 100 Lucre.

Shiny Knight II[]

  • Location: Menos Village
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Menos - Before Entering Granz Castle
  • Item Get: Glittering Armor
  • Reward Get: 200 Lucre

You must have completed Shiny Knight 1. You will now find Vega in one of the houses in Menos Village. Speak with him and he will ask for Glittering Armor. Go to the Menos Outskirts or Prickly Desert and battle Rabilions until they drop one (there is a 10% chance that if they drop a Chest, the armor will be in it). Return to Vega and give him the Armor to receive your reward and QUEST CLEAR.

Shiny Knight III[]

  • Location: Town of Jadd
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Jadd - Before Entering Granz Castle
  • Item Need: Glittering Helm
  • Reward Get: 200 Lucre or 400 Lucre

You must have completed Shiny Knight 1 and 2. Your next encounter with Vega will be in the Jadd Blacksmith. This time he will ask for a Glittering Helm to complete his attire. Head down to the Jadd Desert and defeat Cockatrices until you get one (there is a 10% chance that you will get a Glittering Helm from a dropped Chest). Return to Vega and he will offer you 200 Lucre for it. Refuse and talk to him again, and this time he will up the offer to 400 Lucre. Accept it. QUEST CLEAR.

Last Shiny Knight[]

  • Location: Granz Castle
  • Quest Availability: After Entering Granz Castle - Before Dark Lord Battle
  • Item Need: None
  • Reward Get: Dudbears Gold

You must have completed the previous Shiny Knight quests. If you have been given Vega the glittering items that he has been requesting, he will appear near Willy's cell in the Granz Castle dungeon (looks like he got the job). Speak with him to receive a Dudbears Gold and QUEST CLEAR.

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