Shadoles (シャドール Shadōru) form race of ethereal beings that take the form of brightly-patterned shadows in Legend of Mana. Said to be the shadows of all living creatures and the residents of the Underworld, Shadoles came into being during the period of the holy war of ages past, where, following the banishment of Aion, leader of the Faeries, to the Underworld, his refusal to reincarnate compelled him to fashion them from his thoughts. Shadoles are tasked with the duty of bringing the newly departed to the Underworld.


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A mischievous, rambunctious bunch of rascals, the Shadoles delight in playing pranks on all whom they come into contact with, relishing in the inconveniences and annoyances that their victims are subjected to as a result. This is particularly true in Diddle Had It!, where they kidnap Diddle in the name of corrupted fun, and thereafter employing their powers of invisibility to inhibit the Hero/Heroine's quest to rescue him. This very same trick is employed in The Crimson Dragon, where the Shadoles maliciously serve as obstacles to block the Hero/Heroine's pursuit of Drakonis.


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Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Shadole A PortraitLoM Shadole B PortraitLoM Shadole C Portrait
LoM Shadole A SpriteLoM Shadole C SpriteLoM Shadole B Sprite Shadows of all living creatures and inhabitants of the Underworld. They share the same consciousness.

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