Seven Wisdoms (マナの七賢人 Mana no shichikenjin, lit. The Seven Sages of Mana)

  • Location: Town of Ishe
  • Quest Availability: Waking Up in Ishe - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: Summons Cards
  • Reward Get: Dudbears Gold

Go to the Ishe General Store and speak with Chekov. He will relay his desire to see the Seven Wisdoms before he dies. Rack up those Amigos to get Summon Cards, then return to Chekov, who will give you Dudbears Gold for each Summon Card you have (for a total of 7). You only have to show him one Summon Card to get QUEST CLEAR.

Summon Name Amigos Effect
Selva 5 Summon Wisdom Selva
Pokiehl 10 Summon Wisdom Pokiehl
Tote 15 Summon Wisdom Tote
Rosiotti 30 Summon Wisdom Rosiotti
Olbohn 50 Summon Wisdom Olbohn
Gaia 75 Summon Wisdom Gaia
Matilda 100 Summon Wisdom Matilda

Not everyone who plays Sword of Mana will be able to get the Summon Cards. The only way of getting them, unfortunately, is by logging Amigos. To log Amigos, you need two GBAs, two copies of Sword of Mana, and a GBA link cable. Start both games, and then choose "Communication." Next, choose "Let's Amigo." Each player should then select the save data of whatever Amigo they wish to send each other. The Amigos will then be logged on each person's Amigo List.

So, how on earth do you get 100 Amigos? Well, sending the same Amigo again and again will not increase your number of Amigos. You must trade Amigos different Amigos to increase your total. This can still be done with only two cartridges, if you have the patience. You just have to have one cartridge as the source of Amigos for the other. In this "source" cartridge, keep starting New Games and playing up to the first save point. Then trade Amigos with the cartridge you want to have the Summon Cards. It is a lengthy procedure, but unless you have one hundred friends who each have Sword of Mana and a GBA, it is the only way you will be able to get 100 Amigos.


  • While there is no summon for the darkness element/wisdom available for to the heroes, some powerful bosses can summon Matilda's star-crossed lover Irwin in the exact same fashion. He deals darkness damages comparable to Matilda in term of power.
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