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Marduke.gifSeraph (Marduk in the fan translation) is a non-elemental summon move in Trials of Mana.


It inflicts damage and the Silence status on all enemies.


Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Seraph TOM.png Summons winged god. Deals damage to enemies in the area, potentially causes silence Riesz Starlancer
INT TOM.png 21 INT Points
458 19
  • This spell cannot be emulated by an item.

Icon Effect Characters Class Requirement Target Min. Stat Power MP Cost
Marduke.gif Summons winged god. Deals damage to enemies in the area, automatically causes silence Riesz Starlancer All 15 INT Points ? 6
  • This spell cannot be emulated by an item.

Notable Users[]

It is also used by Heath.


Marduk is attested in an ancient Babylonian creation myth as the creator-god of the known universe. In the same myth, he challenged Tiamat, who incited a war among the gods and transformed into a dragon. It is said that the two met in battle, whereupon Marduk slew Tiamat and fashioned the universe from her remains.

A seraph (pl. seraphs or seraphim) is a high-ranking angel found in Abrahamic lore. The prophecies of Isaiah describe these celestial beings as humanoid in appearance, wearing white robes and possessing three pairs of wings. One such seraph is believed to have granted Isaiah his prophetic wisdom at God's behest, touching his lips with a burning coal to purify him.

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