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The Sandship is a location in Secret of Mana. An unrevisitable location, it is found in the Kakkara Desert.

Story[edit | edit source]

From Matango, the party takes a cannon to the continent of Kakkara and lands in the desert, leagues away from its next destination, the Fire Palace. Exhausted from the region's scorching heat, Randi and his companions stumble upon a large ship cruising through the sands. They board the vessel immediately, but are soon taken captive by its crew, who mistakes them for Imperial spies. The three are separated and forced into slave labor. In the cargo hold, Randi meets a pirate named Sergo, who offers to help break him out by distracting the guard. Randi slips past, and finds Popoi in a detention room making a ruckus all by themselves. Annoyed, the captors give them up without a second thought. Meanwhile, Primm is taken to the captain's quarters, where Commander Morie attempts to make lewd advances toward her. She adamantly refuses. Morie's persistence draws the ire of his superior, Admiral Meria as Randi and Popoi break in.

Before the dust from this dust-up settles, the ship comes under attack from Geshtar, who deploys a Mech Rider in an effort to mow the party down.

The ship is destroyed, leaving the crew in wait for rescue. Fortunately for our heroes, they have landed just south of Kakkara.

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