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Sandra (サンドラ Sandora) also known as Alexandra is a major antagonist of the Jumi story arc in Legend of Mana. She is a notorious jewel hunter who is infamous for mercilessly harrying the complete destruction of the Jumi race by stealing the jewel cores of its members. Before initiating any given core-stealing operation, Sandra is known to slip a note that clearly indicates her intentions in the intended crime scene.

To avoid detection from her enemies (including the likes of Inspector Boyd), Sandra, when not actively engaging in her thieving activities, assumes the subterfuge of a respectable jewelry shop's proprietor in Geo, taking on the identity of a man named Alex (アレックス Arekkusu).

She was responsible for damaging Blackpearl's core by throwing a card after she traps Florina to the Pandora's Box as Alex which leads her to become Pearl and was found by Elazul (In the anime, Alex is instead stabbing Blackpearl's core with his own dagger rather than throwing a card in the game). In The Flame of Hope, she was initially seen as Alex and a disguised nun at Gato Grottoes to target Rubens by using an ailing Sproutling who suffered a Popo Bug to get removed. She manages to kill Rubens by getting his core and disappears and her actions are witnessed by the Hero/Heroine and Elazul (if he was in his/her party.). After in a hot pursuit, Sandra escapes by riding a Cancun bird. She was later seen disguising as a ghost Thona in Drowned Dreams in order to deceive some people to get the Jumi blue core from a Basket Fish, claiming this as its inheritance and eventually ran away with the blue core. She was mentioned again by Thoma in A Siren's Song when he was confronted by the real ghost which is in fact his late older brother, Thona.

In The Lucky Clover, she later targeted Esmeralda along with the core of her sisters at Geo and succeeds in kidnapping her at the Magic Academy and killing her at the Battle Arena by stealing her Jumi core and her sisters's core and escape. Sandra was the one who kidnapped and provoked Pearl by transforming her original self as Blackpearl after she scratches Elazul's core by throwing her card at the Mekiv Caverns but soon escapes after the Hero/Heroine and Blackpearl defeated the Jewel Beast. She also gets Diana's Jumi core at the Battle Arena in Geo at the end of Alexandrite after she told Pearl about her true motives of revenge.

At a later stage in the Jumi story arc, Sandra is revealed to be a member of the Jumi race herself, possessing a core of alexandrite. Following Lady Blackpearl's departure from the Bejeweled City, Sandra is known to have assumed the role of Knight to Florina, the Clarius of the Jumi.

During the events of the Teardrop Crystal, Sandra finally unveils between herself and Alex in two forms. It reveals that all of the Jumi cores she had stolen from the Jumi that she had killed had been eaten by the Lord of Jewels while either Pearl or Elazul's core will be eaten by it as well if the player chooses between them both. Following its first defeat, Sandra as Alex sacrifices herself by taking out her Jumi core of alexandrite and disappears in a pink sparkles. But her plans foiled when Hero/Heroine and either Blackpearl or Elazul in the party defeated it for the second time.

After the events of Teardrop Crystal, one can travel to the throne room of the Bejeweled City and find a letter dropped by Sandra that confirms she is still alive, albeit living in exile of her own choice due to her various crimes had caused to her own race. Telling the Hero/Heroine and Blackpearl to look after Florina.



Alexandra has long grayish pink hair and teal-blue eyes. As Alex, his hair was light red orange. She was seen in two forms between both Alex and Sandra. In the anime, the hair of her two forms appear as lilac pink and their eyes appear as olive green.

As Sandra, she wears a green sleeveless cheongsam with yellow gold embroidery and designs at the right side at the edge of her skirt. Her dress skirt reaches to her right leg and it slits through the left to reveal her left leg and lilac knee-high boots with folded spikes. Her hair is tied into two unadorned ox-horns adorned with orange flowers and long green leaves in each sides and revealing her fringes in each sides. In the anime, she can unbuttoned her cheongsam to reveal her cleavage and her Jumi core of alexandrite in order to take it out for the Lord of Jewels.

As Alex, he wears a purple and blue tunic and a matching pants and wears brown boots. He tied his hair into an unadorned bun being tied with a red ribbon and wears eyeglasses.

In the anime, he appears as a Jumi knight as opposed to his appearance in the game as a jewel shop proprietor in Geo and as Alexandra. He was seen wearing a green sleeveless shirt with dark purple pauldrons in each sides. His top also reveals the Jumi core of alexandrite at the center of his chest. He wears purple greaves along with a green and orange loincloth to cover his dark purple harem pants and white boots. His hair was tied in a unadorned bun along with a purple ribbon and the remaining loose hair reaching through his back resembling a ponytail. He also carries a dagger on his sheath which he used to stab Blackpearl's core.


Sandra is a character portrayed to be devious, cunning, and ruthless in executing her schemes to rob the Jumi stragglers of their cores. One prominent means by which she secures the success of her plots is through the employment of the tactic of subterfuge, where she assumes the guise of a completely different person to achieve her ends. In The Flame of Hope, for one, she disguises herself as a chaste nun of the Gato Temple to dupe the local citizenry, including the ever-wary Inspector Boyd, into diverting their suspicions of the jewel hunter's arrival to other sources.

It is through these plots of hers that one can perceive Sandra to be tinged with a hint of sadism; before she arrives in any given locality where a Jumi core is in existence, she makes it a point to slip a note in an open public space to announce her arrival and gloat at the helplessness of both her intended victim and the people who seek to halt her in her tracks.

Despite the treachery that Sandra displays towards the Jumi race, her reason for doing so paints her as a character who, despite harboring intrinsically good motives, employs a methodology of acting on them that is markedly treasonous. Following taking over the role of Florina's Knight from Lady Blackpearl after the latter departs to search for the Sword of Mana, Sandra is observed to be devout and loyal to the new duties that have been imposed on her, but to a fault; her strong sense of justice causes her to feel immense indignity on Florina's behalf as she witnesses her liege, the sole provider of life-giving tears, being over-exerted to the verge of death for the sake of maintaining a war that she perceives to be "meaningless". This, in turn, spurs her into taking the drastic measure of withdrawing Florina into seclusion, and thereafter assuming the self-imposed role of a karmic messiah to reign death upon the Jumi for being the perpetrators of her liege's torment.

In the anime, Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal, her personality remains in her original state as Sandra and seemingly manipulates and befriended the Heroine into helping to her cause as opposed in the games where players who played Heroine are against her in Teardrop Crystal.


Character Information[]

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) Characters Encyclopedia icon (LoM) Encyclopedia Description
Sandra portrait (LoM)
Sandra (LoM) The notorious jewel hunter who steals only the most brilliant jewels. Her daring thefts resulted in secret admirers of her work.

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) Characters Encyclopedia icon (LoM) Encyclopedia Description
Alex portrait (LoM)
Alex (LoM) A mild-mannered geologist who also has a shop in Geo. He only keeps the shop for income to fund his research.


  • As previously mentioned, Sandra possesses a core of alexandrite. This rare gemstone harbors the remarkable property of changing colors depending on the quality of the light it is exposed to; green or bluish-green in daylight, and a soft shade of red, purplish-red or raspberry red in incandescent light. (More information on this gemstone's property can be accessed here.) In-game, when her core was removed and disappears like the other Jumi who died, the color is pink. In the anime, her core is a mix of red, pink, blue and green.
    • This likely accounts for why Sandra can switch between her male and female identities with little to no difficulty, as this depends on how she manipulates the color of her alexandrite core.
      • In the manga adaptation, it's explained that the color transition of her core allows her to physically switch between male and female, explaining the Alex form as taking a male form properly. Whether this is canon to Legend of Mana or an embellishment is questionable, but would explain the change in hair color and facial features, notably jawline, without the assumption of a wig and prosthetics.
  • Combining Sandra and Alex's names will give rise to the portmanteau "Alexandra", a very obvious reference to the core of alexandrite that the character possesses. Both names have the same origin.
  • The flower in her hair is very similar to that of the Dahlia Coccinea, which can symbolize betrayal.
  • Her style, somehow resembles to Riesz (Seiken Densetsu 3).
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