"I am Riesz. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
—3D selection

Riesz (リース, Rīsu) (Lise in the fan translation) is one of the six main characters of Trials of Mana.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Riesz as depicted in the character selection menu

Riesz is a young woman with long blonde hair tied into a low ponytail with a green ribbon and blue eyes. In her default Amazon class, Riesz wears a green dress, fringed at the waist with a low neckline, and a winged coronet with a gem in the center. She also wears green shoulder pads and brown/purplish brown boots and fingerless gloves. Around her wrist is another green ribbon, a memento of her mother. She wields spears and other polearms as her weapons of choice.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Riesz is soft-spoken, yet stoic and determined to accomplish what she sets her mind to. As a mother figure to her own brother, she is shown to be firm with him as well as highly protective of him. Perhaps because of her royal upbringing, she is exceptionally formal and polite when speaking with others. She prefers to avoid involving others in matters of state or her personal struggles, begrudgingly accepting the aid given to her on multiple occasions.

Story[edit | edit source]

"Mother... I leave Father and the other fallen to your care. Elliot is my responsibility. I wear my mother's ribbon with pride. May it protect me on my journey."

Riesz is the princess of the mountainous Laurent, Kingdom of Wind (Rolante in the fan translation), and captain of its Amazon army. After her mother, Minerva, dies while giving birth to her younger brother, Elliot, Riesz vows to take care of him. However, two mysterious ninjas from Nevarl, Bill and Ben, discreetly trick Elliott into turning off Laurent's protective winds and promptly kidnap him. With the winds gone, Nevarl attacks Laurent with a cloud of sleep powder and succeeds in taking the castle. The king and Riesz's father, Joster, is fatally wounded in the struggle. Devastated by the loss of everything she holds dear, Riesz makes her escape and travels to the Holy City Wendel to seek counsel from the Priest of Light.

Riesz shares many story elements with Hawkeye, who escaped from Nevarl prior to the invasion of Laurent. If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Trials of Mana, the main villain will be His Dark Majesty and the final dungeon will be the Dark Castle.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Riesz's stats are very well-balanced, making her a handy character in almost any situation. Her Strength, Agility, and Vitality are all above-average. After changing classes, Riesz gains the ability to manipulate the stats of others - her Light classes can raise the heroes' stats and her Dark classes can lower enemies' stats. All four of her final classes learn a summon spell that affects all enemies.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of Riesz's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Her starting class is named "Amazon". The origin of the word comes from ancient Greek, and it means "without one breast" ("a-" = without, "mazos" = breast), because the amazons of the original legend cut off their left breast in order to better use the bow (which has been debunked).

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1
ToM-Riesz (Amazon).png

Lv. 18
ToM-Riesz (Valkyrie).png

ToM-Riesz (Rune Maiden).png

Rune Maiden
Lv. 38
ToM-Riesz (Vanadis).png

ToM-Riesz (Starlancer).png

Starlancer (Star Lancer)
(Morning Star Chain.gifEvening Star)
ToM-Riesz (Dragon Master).png

Dragon Master
(Dragon Knight Chain.gifDragoon Band)
ToM-Riesz (Fenrir Knight).png

Fenrir Knight
(remake only)
ToM-Riesz (Class 4 Light).png
(Kind Sphere)
ToM-Riesz (Class 4 Dark).png
(Kind Sphere)

Amazon[edit | edit source]

SD3 Riesz.png

Missing description

Valkyrie[edit | edit source]

Riesz Valkyrie Sprite.gif

Within myth, it is said that there are experiences that can only be explained as spiritual awakenings; an elevated sense of spiritual awareness, calls from the spiritual realm, visions and messages from the heavens, or even summonings and quests through to the other side. Within Fa'Diel, to those who walk the ways of the warrior, even those who go through their lives fighting come to experience these transcendent experiences at one point or another, with many legends and stories telling of prestigious warriors bearing themes of undergoing this allusive phenomena. To one such class of warriors, none could have more prevalent callings than that of the Valkyrie. Taking up the mantle of the divine warriors said to be seen alongside the Mana Goddess and act as Her messengers and guides of the souls of those who have recently passed, the Valkyries of the mortal world act just the same, taking up heavenly vows to uphold the sacred orders of ensuring the stability of Fa'Diel and to enact divine justice wherever there has been wrong, with rightful judgement to correct or even send beyond when circumstances permit. With their elevated experience of becoming closer to the spiritual realm, so have Valkyries attained higher levels of spiritual sensitivity and understanding the power of the soul, allowing them the ability to unlock the inner power and potential within all things.

Vanadis[edit | edit source]

Riesz Vanadis Sprite.gif

Missing description

Starlancer (Star Lancer)[edit | edit source]

Riesz Star Lancer Sprite.gif

Missing description

Rune Maiden[edit | edit source]

Riesz Rune Maiden Sprite.gif

Though to many, tales of warriors and great battles stir in mind heroics and glory, justice and the triumph of good against evil, and the majestic allure of attaining power for the sake of benevolence, so exists a coexisting truth that there is no light without its darkness; the costs that must have been made for that gain, that the horrors of war are worse than can ever be imagined, and to more grim and starker truths, that conflict is but a reoccuring cycle that will never end, that there are many battles that end without reward nor conclusion, that peace brings idle waste, complacent decadence, and vices worse than what can be committed in war, and that evil can too achieve victory. Of shock and abhorrence for the everyday world, such forsaken truths are but just as fair in the eyes of the Rune Maiden. A shadowy and enigmatic order of warriors who have dedicated themselves to a long forgotten god of war, Rune Maidens tread a way of mysticism forged through battle and violence, a warpath fraught with unknown danger and neverending carnage that baptizes them in bloodshed and destruction to understand the darker truths of the world, to attain lofty elucidation of the realm of fighting and the true nature of conflict. So as their vows adhere them to be fated to live to their last breath fighting, Rune Maidens also take a vow to purity and abstinence to become the sacred heralds of their god; a vow alleged to temper their souls and harden their hearts with determination and motivation strong enough to bolster the instinct to survive and the fighting spirit to brutalize opposition and attain victory, and bestows upon them mystical powers to waste away foes to drive forward opposition to their annihilation. But as they walk this path of darkness, their way becomes more narrow and sharper than any edge as temptation runs high, the truths they will face may be more awful and bleak than they can realize to accept, wounds on their soul can become more fatal than those of the flesh, and that journey's end will most likely not give way to salvation.

Dragon Master[edit | edit source]

Riesz Dragon Master Sprite.gif

Missing description

Fenrir Knight[edit | edit source]

Riesz Fenrir Knight Sprite.gif

Yearning for the fated time to raise hell and for all of its wrath to unleash upon all, the Fenrir Knight is said to take on the name of the dreaded evil devil wolf of legend, who is believed to be destined to devour the Mana Goddess upon the end of the world. Devoted to the harbinger of the end of days and to the ultimate battle to end all battles, so have Fenrir Knights thrown themselves into inhumane and barbaric ways to prepare for that war that will never end when chaos reigns, developing a deep thirst for violence and bloodshed, a berserker rage that will never cease, to throw themselves into indulgence and depravity the likes of demons and monsters would even come to fear, and to revere and worship dark powers of old prophesied to reawaken and return for the end of the world believed to aid Fenrir to gain their infernal blessings and allegiance as they share to seek world's end. The Fenrir Knight specializes in not just merciless fearsome combat, but also in the arts of invocation and sorcery; it is said that because of the classes' closeness with the demonic forces of Fenrir and Mavolia, this pact has bestowed the class with enervating spells to make opposition helpless before their presence, and allows them to summon terrifying monsters from the depths of the demonic realm.

Class Strikes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of skill attacks Riesz learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1
Whirlwind Spear Riesz TOM.png
Whirlwind Spear
Lv. 18
Lance Surge Riesz TOM.png
Lance Surge

Aerial Lance Riesz TOM.png
Aerial Lance
(Rune Maiden)
Lv. 38
Light Lance Riesz TOM.png
Light Lance

Meteor Thrust Riesz TOM.png
Meteor Thrust

Dragon Rend Riesz TOM.png
Dragon Rend
(Dragon Master)

Raging Fury Riesz TOM.png
Raging Fury
(Fenrir Knight)
Post-Game (remake only)
Elysium Slash Riesz TOM.png
Elysium Slash

Raptor Lance Riesz TOM.png
Raptor Lance

Spells[edit | edit source]

Riesz is capable of learning several spells, which mainly boost the stats of allies or lower the stats of enemies. Depending on her final class, Riesz will also learn at least one Summon spell as well.

Below is a table of spells Riesz learns across her different classes. Spells in italics are only available in the 2D version:

Level Light Dark
Lv. 1 n/a
Lv. 18 Protect up.gifProtection
Speed up.gifAccelerate
Mind up.gifMental Boost
Power up.gifStrengthen
Protect down.gifDefenseless
Speed down.gifImpediment
Power down.gifWeaken
Mind down.gifEnfeeble
(Rune Maiden)
Lv. 38 Freya.gifFreya
Protect up.gifProtection +
Speed up.gifAccelerate +
Mind up.gifMental Boost +
Power up.gifStrengthen +
(Dragon Master)
Protect down.gifDefenseless +
Speed down.gifImpediment +
Power down.gifWeaken +
Mind down.gifEnfeeble +
Lamian Naga.gifLamian Naga
(Fenrir Knight)
  • Note: The spells Riesz originally learns after the first class change allows her to only affect one target. These spells will be upgraded to affect one or all targets when she changes class to either the Starlancer or the Fenrir Knight respectively.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Riesz comes to bear spears as weapons, and of many varieties, including lances. As Riesz progresses in her classes, Valkyrie classes will come to bear spears with heavenly and almighty motifs with purity and finality in their design, while Rune Maiden classes will bear spears with primordial and even chaotic themes, evocative of wild unrestrained power and neverending conflict.

Name Cost Location Class
Bronze Lance.gifBronze Spear 40 Starting Weapon --
Long Spear.gifLong Spear 95 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
Flamea.gifFramea 205 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Corsesca.gifCorseque 258 Beiser, Palo, Jadd --
Partisan.gifPartisan 570 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Steel Lance.gifSteel Lance 990 Tomato Town --
Glaive.gifGlaive 1450 Alrant, Sirhtan, Diin --
Silver Lance.gifSilver Lance 3035 Mintos --
Wing Spear.gifWinged Spear 3300 Mintos Valkyrie
Mystic Spear.gifMystic Spear 3300 Mintos Rune Maiden
Plume Lance.gifPlume Lance 3400 Diorre --
Dark Piercer.gifDark Piercer 3440 Diorre Valkyrie
Torrento Spear.gifTorrento Spear 3415 Diorre Rune Maiden
Golden Spear.gifGolden Spear 4320 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril Spear.gifMythril Spear 4670 Altena, Deen, Mintos Valkyrie
Brainwrecker.gifBrainwrecker 4935 Altena, Deen, Mintos Rune Maiden
Griffin Lance.gifGriffin Lance 7870 Cats --
Staghorn.gifStaghorn 8240 Cats Valkyrie
Wolf's Fang.gifWolf's Fang 8400 Cats Rune Maiden
Maidenleaf.gifMaidenleaf 17230 Cats --
Valkyrie (Weapon).gifValkyrie 18480 Cats Valkyrie
Mideel Spear.gifMideel Spear 18270 Cats Rune Maiden
Brunak.gifBrunak 18670 Pedan --
Gungnir.gifGungnir 34135 Pedan Valkyrie
Paintooth.gifPaintooth 34270 Pedan Rune Maiden
Blaze Piercer.gifBlaze Piercer -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
True Spear.gifTrue Spear -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis
Stargazer.gifStargazer -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Starlancer
Dragon Lance.gifDragon Lance -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master
Giant's Spear.gifGiant's Spear -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Fenrir Knight

Armor[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Padded Leather.gifPad Leathers 18 Starting Armor --
Cuir Boulli.gifCuir Boulli 60 Wendel, Maia --
Feather Vest.gifFeather Vest 144 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Spiked Leather.gifStud Leathers 215 Beiser, Palo --
Chainmail.gifChain Mail 258 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Banded Mail.gifPadded Mail 360 Tomato Town, Valsena --
Scale Mail.gifScale Mail 738 Alrant, Sirhtan Diin, Mintos, Diorre --
Mani Plate.gifMani Plate 1380 Mintos --
Steda Plate.gifSteda Plate 2560 Diorre --
White Eagle Plate.gifWhite Eagle Plate 2930 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Jotzdammoran.gifJotzdammoran 3170 Cats --
Valkyrie Mail.gifValkyrie Mail 4670 Cats Valkyrie
Rune Armor.gifRune Armor 4535 Cats Rune Maiden
Wing Armor.gifWing Armor 8240 Pedan Valkyrie
Fang Armor.gifFang Armor 8135 Pedan Rune Maiden
Phantasm Armor.gifPhantasm Armor -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
Goddess Armor.gifGoddess Armor -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis
Polaris Armor.gifPolaris Armor -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Starlancer
Dragon Knight's Armor.gifDragon Knight's Armor -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master
Wulfhezein.gifWulfhezein -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Fenrir Knight

Helmets[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Winged Ribbon.gifWinged Bow 48 Maia --
Leather Helmet.gifLeather Helm 205 Jadd --
Barbute.gifBarbute 930 Diin --
Viking Helm.gifViking Helm 1600 Diorre --
Horncrest.gifHorncrest 2200 Cats --
Unicorn Helm.gifUnicorn Helm 3170 Cats --
Aurora Helmet.gifAurora Helmet 4670 Pedan --
Pegasus Helmet.gifPegasus Helmet -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
Vanir Helmet.gifVanir Helmet -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis
Stardust Helmet.gifStardust Helmet -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Starlancer
Rising Dragon Helmet.gifRising Dragon Helmet -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master
Wolf Helmet.gifWolf Helmet -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Fenrir Knight

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Class
Vambrace.gifVambrace 95 Valsena --
Steel Bracelet.gifSteel Bracelet 160 Jad --
Wind God Bracelet.gifWind God Bracelet 738 Deen --
Earth Bracelet.gifEarth Bracelet 1380 Deen, Mintos --
Gyralhorne.gifGyralhorne 1900 Cats Valkyrie
Rune Earrings.gifRune Earrings 2200 Cats Rune Maiden
Yadorigi Armlet.gifYadorigi Armlet -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
Draupnir.gifDraupnir -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis/Starlancer
Giant's Ring.gifGiant's Ring -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master/Fenrir Knight

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Circle of Mana[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Classes Quote
SR SR 0001.jpg SR 0002.jpg SR 0003.jpg SR 0004.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
UR UR 0005.jpg UR 0006.jpg UR 0007.jpg UR 0008.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SUR SUR 0141.jpg SUR 0142.jpg SUR 0143.jpg SUR 0144.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SUR SUR 0197.jpg SUR 0198.jpg SUR 0199.jpg SUR 0200.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
SUR SUR 0273.jpg SUR 0274.jpg SUR 0275.jpg SUR 0276.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
「手作りチョコを誰にあげたか、ですか!? わ、私は…」
SUR SUR 0805.jpg SUR 0806.jpg SUR 0807.jpg SUR 0808.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SUR SUR 1133.jpg SUR 1134.jpg SUR 1135.jpg SUR 1136.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SSUR SSUR 0013.jpg SSUR 0014.jpg SSUR 0015.jpg SSUR 0016.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SSUR SSUR 0081.jpg SSUR 0082.jpg SSUR 0083.jpg SSUR 0084.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SSUR SSUR 0113.jpg SSUR 0114.jpg SSUR 0115.jpg SSUR 0116.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SSUR SSUR 0129.jpg SSUR 0130.jpg SSUR 0131.jpg SSUR 0132.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
SSUR SSUR 0257.jpg SSUR 0258.jpg SSUR 0259.jpg SSUR 0260.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SSUR SSUR 0277.jpg SSUR 0278.jpg SSUR 0279.jpg SSUR 0280.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
SSUR SSUR 0409.jpg SSUR 0410.jpg SSUR 0411.jpg SSUR 0412.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SSUR SSUR 0465.jpg SSUR 0466.jpg SSUR 0467.jpg SSUR 0468.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
「ごめんなさい、お怪我はありませんか? 異世界の勇者様。」
SSUR SSUR 0501.jpg SSUR 0502.jpg SSUR 0503.jpg SSUR 0504.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
SSUR SSUR 0649.jpg SSUR 0650.jpg SSUR 0651.jpg SSUR 0652.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
SSUR SSUR 0653.jpg SSUR 0654.jpg SSUR 0655.jpg SSUR 0656.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
LGR LGR 0001.jpg LGR 0002.jpg LGR 0003.jpg LGR 0004.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0013.jpg LGR 0014.jpg LGR 0015.jpg LGR 0016.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0053.jpg LGR 0054.jpg LGR 0055.jpg LGR 0056.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
LGR LGR 0085.jpg LGR 0086.jpg LGR 0087.jpg LGR 0088.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0385.jpg LGR 0386.jpg LGR 0387.jpg LGR 0388.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0405.jpg LGR 0406.jpg LGR 0407.jpg LGR 0408.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
LGR LGR 0429.jpg LGR 0430.jpg LGR 0431.jpg LGR 0432.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0453.jpg LGR 0454.jpg LGR 0455.jpg LGR 0456.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0465.jpg LGR 0466.jpg LGR 0467.jpg LGR 0468.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
LGR LGR 0477.jpg LGR 0478.jpg LGR 0479.jpg LGR 0480.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
LGR LGR 0489.jpg LGR 0490.jpg LGR 0491.jpg LGR 0492.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0505.jpg LGR 0506.jpg LGR 0507.jpg LGR 0508.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0525.jpg LGR 0526.jpg LGR 0527.jpg LGR 0528.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0529.jpg LGR 0530.jpg LGR 0531.jpg LGR 0532.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0561.jpg LGR 0562.jpg LGR 0563.jpg LGR 0564.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
LGR LGR 0585.jpg LGR 0586.jpg LGR 0587.jpg LGR 0588.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SLGR SLGR 0009.jpg SLGR 0010.jpg SLGR 0011.jpg SLGR 0012.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SLGR SLGR 0045.jpg SLGR 0046.jpg SLGR 0047.jpg SLGR 0048.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
SLGR SLGR 0057.jpg SLGR 0058.jpg SLGR 0059.jpg SLGR 0060.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SLGR SLGR 0073.jpg SLGR 0074.jpg SLGR 0075.jpg SLGR 0076.jpg Amazon
Rune Maiden
Dragon Master
Fenrir Knight
SLGR SLGR 0109.jpg SLGR 0110.jpg SLGR 0111.jpg SLGR 0112.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer
SLGR SLGR 0129.jpg SLGR 0130.jpg SLGR 0131.jpg SLGR 0132.jpg Amazon
Star Lancer

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

Riesz appeared as a summonable unit (vision) during a collaboration event.

Super Smash Bros. Ulimate[edit | edit source]

Riesz is a spirit alongside Hawkeye. Their spirits are held by Sheik and a Mii Sword Fighter and the battle takes place in the Great Bay.

Million Arthur Arcana Blood[edit | edit source]

Riesz appears as a guest character with the wind element.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Riesz and Duran are the only characters with a younger sibling; in Riesz's case, it is Elliot

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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