Richard is a NPC in both Heroes of Mana and Trials of Mana.

In Heroes of ManaEdit

Richard is the Prince and "Silver Knight" of Valsena. He is close friends with Loki and quite protective of Valda. He joins the battlefield several times, but always as an AI controlled unit that supports but can not be influenced by the player. Unfortunately his parents are killed during the initial invasion of Valsena and he is forced to feel.

In Trials of ManaEdit


Richard is the current King of Valsena. In the past, when he was still a prince, he traveled the world with Loki and slew dragons together with him, ultimately facing the Dragon Lord. A faerie was with them both during their fierce battle. Loki took a blow that was meant for him, causing both him and the Dragon Lord to fall into the abyss below. Richard and his men searched for weeks but were unable to locate Loki. In the present, he is proudly served by his disappeared friend's son Duran, who outshone the other knights of Valsena and came into service to him. After the Crimson Wizard attacks Valsena Castle and the knights report about said attack, he plans a strategy to strengthen the castle guard and send their own spy to Altenish territory.

Hero King Richard TOM

The next day, Duran goes to see Richard and discusses his plans to go on an adventure to become strong enough to defeat the Crimson Wizard as revenge for humiliating him and insulting his king. He gives Duran his blessing and is thanked by him for it before he sets off, and he proudly comments that he, instead of having been raised too proud like he feared, has become just like his father at his age.

Later, the heroes arrive at Valsena while it is under attack by Altenish forces. They hurry to the throne room just in time to save Richard from the Crimson Wizard. Having realized that Faerie is with them, Richard acknowledges that the world is in danger again and from that point, he becomes one of their guides to locating the Mana Spirits, starting with suggesting that they go visit Laurent to find Jinn next. He also tells them about Vuscav after they return to Valsena from Beuca.

In Duran's ending, Richard congratulates him and his friends on their success in their difficult journey. He acknowledges that Mana has disappeared due to the Mana Tree's destruction, and he invites them to join the ranks of Valsena as Golden Knights, an offer that Duran and his companions accept.

Circle of ManaEdit


Rank Image Classes Quote
UR UR 0193 UR 0194 UR 0195 UR 0196 Fighter
SUR SUR 1193 SUR 1194 SUR 1195 SUR 1196 Fighter
Ruling Knight
LGR LGR 0621 LGR 0622 LGR 0623 LGR 0624 Fighter

Hero KingEdit

Rank Image Classes Quote
UR UR 0009 UR 0010 UR 0011 UR 0012 Fighter
Ruling Knight
SSUR SSUR 0773 SSUR 0774 SSUR 0775 SSUR 0776 Fighter
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