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Ranger (レンジャー, Renjā?) is a trcurring class in the Mana series.. Taken down the Light path of the Class table by Hawkeye in Trials of Mana, its repertoire includes nature and trap based abilities, using Dryad and Luna based magics and allowing access to some weapon abilities.

Seiken Densetsu 3[]

“Drawn to the natural world and the wild, those of such affinity are those known as Rangers, being those that seek to understand nature and journey throughout the lands beyond civilization. As every adventure into a world beyond men has them learn of nature's workings and order, so do Rangers come to gather great knowledge and wisdom of the outdoors, with understanding of the science of the environment and terrain, and a growing lexicon of each clime and realm's flora and fauna to identify and look out for. As the best of Rangers know that survival is the basest instinct to nature's more ferocious side, so are they wise to arm themselves as well with their study of nature, with traps and magic to help utilize the world around them and further draw upon the power of nature in the heart of the fight.”
Seiken Densetsu 3 Official Guide and Prologue Book

  • Fan translated Name: Ranger
  • Name: Ranger



Level Moves and Class
L.1 n/a
L.18 Arrow (SD3).gifArrow
Spike Floor.gifSpike Floor
Sleep Flower.gifSleep Flower
Body Change.gifChange Form

Class Strikes[]

Level Attacks and Class
L.1 Poison Dagger
L.18 Swallow Throw


While the class has equipment exclusive to its use, it does not have a penultimate set.


Name Cost Location Class
Flint Knife.gifFlint Knife 30 Starting Weapon --
Dagger (SD3).gifDagger 90 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
Baselard.gifBaselard 194 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Rondel Dagger.gifRondel Dagger 234 Byzel, Palo, Jad --
Shark Teeth.gifShark Teeth 405 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Steel Dagger.gifSteel Dagger 820 Dark Priest Village --
Misery Chord.gifMisery Chord 1300 Elrand, Sultan, Deen --
Qatar.gifQatar 2600 Mintos --
Main Gauche.gifMain Gauche 2795 Mintos Ranger
Crystal (Hawkeye).gifCrystal 3160 Diorre --
Elf Dagger.gifElf Dagger 3300 Diorre Ranger
Bluegale.gifBluegale 3830 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril Knife.gifMythril Knife 4240 Altena, Deen, Mintos Ranger
Bishamon.gifBishamon 7600 Cats --
Field Dagger.gifField Dagger 7870 Cats Ranger
Merkiel Dagger.gifMerkiel Dagger 17230 Cats --
Sylvan Knife.gifSylvan Knife 17615 Cats Ranger
Sheol Dirk.gifSheol Dirk 18270 Pedan --
Crescent Knife.gifCrescent Knife 32000 Pedan Ranger


Name Cost Location Class
Cotton Kilt.gifCotton Kilt 16 Starting Armor --
Black Fatigue.gifBlack Fatigue 55 Wendel, Maia --
Camouflage Cloak.gifCamouflage Cloak 100 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Thief's Cape.gifThief's Cape 200 Byzel, Palo --
Soft Leather.gifSoft Leather 234 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Idaten Cloak.gifIdaten Cloak 276 Dark Priest Village, Valsena --
Chain Guard.gifChain Guard 630 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre --
Moonbeam Cloak.gifMoonbeam Cloak 1300 Mintos --
Elf Breastplate.gifElf Breastplate 1750 Diorre --
Fleetwind Cape.gifFleetwind Cape 2350 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Fluorite Plate.gifFluorite Plate 3155 Cats --
Utsushimi Cape.gifUtsushimi Cape 3480 Cats Ranger
Yafuku Cuirass.gifYafuku Cuirass 7735 Pedan Ranger
Shijima Mail.gifShijima Mail -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed --


Name Cost Location Class
Leather Hat.gifLeather Hat 42 Maia --
Garravilla.gifGarravilla 194 Jad --
Feather Hat.gifFeather Hat 800 Deen --
Faerie Hat.gifFaerie Hat 1150 Diorre --
Grizzly Glare.gifGrizzly Glare 2100 Cats --
Black Hood.gifBlack Hood 2865 Cats --
Nocto Goggles.gifNocto Goggles 3630 Pedan --
Fool's Crown.gifFool's Crown -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Ranger/Ninja


Name Cost Location Class
Utsusemi Earrings.gifUtsusemi Earrings 75 Valsena --
Thief's Armband.gifThief's Armband 160 Jad --
Cobra Earrings.gifCobra Earrings 630 Deen --
Ancient Talisman.gifAncient Talisman 1100 Deen, Mintos --
Tree Spirit Ring.gifTree Spirit Ring 2100 Cats Ranger
Wishbone.gifWishbone -- Weapon Armor Seed.gifWeapon/Armor Seed Ranger/Ninja

Trials of Mana[]

See Ranger (Trials of Mana)

Sword of Mana[]

Requirements: Thief Type 10 + Sage Type 5

  • Ranger
  • Accuracy +10
  • Critical Hit +10
  • Bow attack +5