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A rabite, as seen in Children of Mana.

Rabites, known as Rabi (ラビ) in the Japanese versions of the games, are cute, fictional, rabbit-like creatures appearing as a common enemy in the series since its beginning. The Rabite has become a sort of mascot for the Mana series. Rabites are most commonly simply minor enemies, but some variants are "superboss" characters and even friendly units and pets.

Rabites have appeared prevalently in several pieces of Mana merchandise, including plush dolls, cushions, lighters, mousepads, straps, telephone cards, and T-shirts.

Physical Description[]

The Rabite resembles a limbless, one-toothed rabbit with large ears that curve upward and form a point at the tip and a round, puffy pink tail. Rabites move by hopping along the ground. They are most commonly yellow colored, but there are also variants of different colors, such as pink, lilac, black, green, and white


Being usually the first enemy encountered in every game, rabites don't have particular elemental affinities nor do they have weaknesses. As for their natural habitat, they are almost always roaming in grassy plains or lightly wooded areas.


Final Fantasy Adventure & Adventures of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Adventures of Mana)

Rabite2 AOM.png

Rabbite ffa.gifRabites are seen bouncing around at the beginning of the game near Topple mountains and around Wendel. They make such large bounds that they can be difficult to hit at first, but otherwise they are mostly harmless.

Sword of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Sword of Mana)

Rabite sdm.png
As usual, Rabites are among the first enemies encountered and typically do pitiful damage by biting. They can be found day and night around Topple, Vinquette and on the Path to Scaly Lair. They are diurnal, so they can be found sleeping during the night.

Secret of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Secret of Mana)

Rabite SOM 3D.gif

Rabite.gifThese varieties of Rabites are more energetic and aggressive than their previous entries. They can bite and twirl around doing minor damage. Those creatures can be found in quantity around Potos and around Pandora and Gaia's Navel.

Trials of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Trials of Mana)

Rabite TOM.png

Rabite (SD3).gifSimilar their Secret of Mana incarnation, Rabites in Trials of Mana are agile and full of energy. They attack mainly by biting but rarely pose a threat. They can be found in Rabite Forest, Cascade Cavern and in the Mana Sanctuary. In the 2020 remake, they can further be seen hopping around in the first field areas visited by Duran, Angela and Kevin prior to taking the ferry to Jadd.

Legend of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Legend of Mana)

Rabite LOM.pngRabite2 LOM.pngRabites are slightly more aggressive in this iteration and can be found in Luon Highroad, Fieg Snowfields and the White Forest as monsters. They can be tamed as pets in Lake Kilma and the White Forest.

Dawn of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Dawn of Mana)

Rabite2 DOM.png

Rabites can be seen in the early area of the Great Tree, on the road to Wonderwood and in the first segment of Mortmont. Overall, they are somewhat active but can be easily taken care of in three hit or less. Ritzia keeps a Rabite named Buju as a pet and traveling companion.

Children of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Children of Mana)

Heroes of Mana[]

Main article: Rabite (Heroes of Mana)

Related enemies[]

Rabites in other media[]

Rabites are also mentioned in Final Fantasy X-2 with an accessory comically named "Rabite's Foot" which increases a character's luck statistic. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance also mentions Rabites, where they are listed in the description of one of the game's optional missions as an endangered species due to being poached for good luck charms.



One of the first accessories available in Secret of Mana is the Rabite Cap, presumably made from a skinned Rabite. Donning it gives the wearer an extra +5 protection level.

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