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A wanderer who is a hired gun for the Peddan Army. He doesn't care what he has to do as long as he gets paid. He has already been hired for work in Laurent. He joins Roget on his journey to vanquish the Peddans who are in the possession of Esina's cursed mirror.

Heroes of Mana[]

At some point in the past, Qucas worked for Laurent and became good friends with its leaders. Things went south, however, when Laurent tried to set up diplomatic relations with Navarl. Bautcher, the younger brother of Navarl's leader Olbex, started a riot due to his conduct towards Minerva and Qucas ended up killing him. Qucas was forced to leave Laurent after that or risk starting a war. It was then that his services came under the employ of Pedda.

Qucas could tell something was wrong with the mission from the start. When the betrayal is revealed, he cautions Roget about what going against his own people would mean. However, he is also the first to join with Roget when the latter decides to stop his countries rampage.

Throughout the game reunites with his friends from Laurent and settles things with Olbex. At the end he decides to join Roget in his campaign against Anise across dimensions.

Circle of Mana[]

Rank Image Classes Quote
UR UR 0441.jpg UR 0442.jpg UR 0443.jpg UR 0444.jpg Fighter
Ruling Knight
UR UR 0473.jpg UR 0474.jpg UR 0475.jpg UR 0476.jpg Fighter
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