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Primm or Purim (プリム Purimu) is one of the playable characters in Secret of Mana and comes from the kingdom of Pandora. She is 17 years old, 5 ft. 5 in. tall (165 cm), and weighs 106 lbs (48 kg).


Primm is a young pointy-eared girl with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail with green accessory and blue eyes. She has earrings, a sleeveless pink outfit with pink wristbands and purple shoes and her right ankle has a anklet.


Primm is an outgoing and assertive person who values personal connections, she tends to be practical, action-oriented, and enjoys taking risks, she also cares about her well-being and can be cautious in certain situations.


Primm is the daughter of Elman, a nobleman from the Pandora region. At an unknown point before the game's events, she befriends a commoner girl named Pamaela. Primm is later set up in an arranged marriage to an unnamed nobleman, to which she objects because she is infatuated with a Pandorian warrior named Dyluck who was ordered by the King of Pandora to apprehend the powerful witch Elinee. Angry with the King for sending her lover on a suicide mission and furious with her father for the arranged marriage, she rebels, leaves the castle, and joins Randi on his quest, hoping to save Dyluck.

Primm meets Randi briefly when he is ambushed by Goblins and saves him from being eaten. After they escape, she admits that she mistook him for someone else and disappears, only to appear again soon afterward. The location in which she reappears varies depending on the player's actions, but she is necessary to complete the Witch's Castle. She joins the party in either Pandora (after a scene where she fights with Elman) or the Haunted Forest (after the player rescues her from two monsters).

Primm continues with Randi on his journey to restore the Mana Sword, but is at first unaware of how important she becomes to this quest, for as she travels, she retains her focus on Dyluck. After she is rescued, she agrees to go to Gaia's Navel because the path deeper into the forest is blocked off by a bone carving, which can only be shattered by an axe. The pair then meets Popoi, an amnesiac sprite who develops a crush on her to her shock and disgust. Before Popoi can join, however, the two must rescue the dwarf colony from an encroaching Tropicallo, which they dispatch. Back at the Witch's Castle, the party, now three strong, defeats Elinee and her pet Spiky Tiger, but does not find Dyluck there.

Primm soon after is sent with the party to the Water Palace, where Luka pleads for Undine to be rescued. They find the siren spirit in her cave being assailed by a Biting Lizard, which the party slays. In thanks, the Elemental of Water grants Primm the right to use her cleansing magic.

In the Pandora Ruins, she finds Pamaela mesmerized and has to shove her from in front of the entry door. The party then proceeds to defeat the hordes of monsters inside and, while they do find Dyluck there, he is in a deep trance. Instead, they meet Thanatos, who gloats and escapes, releasing the common folk of Pandora from their shared trance-like state.

During their journey, Primm also encounters the white dragon that would later be known as Flammie in the Cave of the White Dragon, befriending the youngling drake who had cowered in the rear of the grotto after losing his parents. She pleads with Randi to have him tag along, but the two instead agree on leaving him with Truffle in nearby Matango. Truffle happily complies and begins to train the dragon with a taiko drum and, as if sensing his adoptive family in trouble, Flammie rushes to the crumbling Imperial Palace to whisk them to safety

Primm herself is nearly killed when she finds Dyluck in the Northtown Ruins, where Thanatos decides to steal her soul in Dyluck's stead, but Dyluck intervenes to halt the transfer process, returning Primm to the party.


Primm's default weapon is the glove. She is a typical support character, casting mainly defensive and healing spells while her combat ability ranks about average. She has the most balanced stats of the three characters, being more durable than Popoi but not as physically powerful as Randi. Her magic is largely defensive and healing in nature with the exceptions of Salamando and Lumina, who feature offensive magic.


It is possible to bypass the Goblin attack event and not meet Primm until the player arrives at Pandora. There, the scene at the castle will play out differently as Primm will push Randi aside and the player can meet Primm in her house.


  • Marle from Chrono Trigger strongly resembles Primm in overall design, as both were actually one in the beginning in the time of the SNES-CD Project. With the failure of the SNES-CD, the originally intended Chrono Trigger needed to be scrapped leaving only the maps and locales which were reused for Secret of Mana. The unused ideas and planned content were reused in Chrono Trigger though apparently in a completely different direction.
  • Primm having pointy ears similar to the inhabitants of Zeal while Marle has round ears may indicate that the character that Marle and Primm were based on was Princess Schala Zeal when she was thrown forward through time like her brother Janus (with the only difference being having been drained of magic till she went blond).
  • Unlike Popoi, Primm can level her magic in towns due to not having to target an enemy, but the learning rate is reduced by half to offset this advantage.
  • She, Randi, and Popoi were also in Heavenstrike Rivals[1] and Spelunker Z.[2]





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