Priestess is a character class for Charlotte in Trials of Mana.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

2D Version[edit | edit source]

See Priestess

3D Version[edit | edit source]

A supportive healing class. Priestesses have a high spirit stat that increases their healing powers. They can use fire, water, earth, and wind saber magic to help their allies with more than just recovery magic.

Locked Abilities[edit | edit source]

Note : locked abilities are only available in the 2020 remake.

Icon Name Description
Protective Light Locked Ability Duran TOM.png Mercy Add 10% of CS gauge when casting healing magic

Class Strikes[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description CS
Jump Icon Charlotte TOM.png Jump Staggers enemy with a damaging flail attack CS Unit1 TOM.gifCS Unit1 TOM.gif

From previous class (Cleric)

Icon Name Description CS
Whackbam Icon Charlotte TOM.png Whackbam A bouncing lunge and damaging attack with a flail CS Unit1 TOM.gif
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