Potos Village is the first village visited in Secret of Mana. It is rendered inaccessible without the use of glitches once the first part of the game is over.

Background[edit | edit source]

Potos is the hometown of the main character Randi. After Randi returns from falling from the waterfall, the village elder is relieved to learn that he's alright. His relief quickly turns to shock as he sees the Mana Sword in Randi's possession. Elliott then turns on Randi, assaulting him until a pit opens up in the ground, swallowing him and Randi. Inside the pit, Randi saves Elliott from the Mantis Ant and both are lifted out of the pit by Gemma. After Gemma departs, Randi is called into the elder's house by the entire village. Fearing for their safety now that Randi possesses the Mana Sword, the villagers cast him out. Randi and his companions are forever banned from entering the village until the end of the game when Randi is allowed to pass through and replace the sword back to its former resting place.

Notable Citizens[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

This village contains a path to the former location of the Mana Sword, pulled out by Randi in the beginning of the game. To the right outside the village, there is a Cannon Travel Center.

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